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How to grow on Instagram on 2021 as a mom

How to grow on Instagram on 2021 as a mom

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Mothers have so many things to do in a single day that getting on social media to grow their brand is not one of the first things on their list. But the social climate these days is incredibly important to participate within, especially if you’re a mother who owns her own business and relies on marketing for the success of that business. Those who were unsure but have traveled the path will know full well how valuable the social media environment has proven to their digital identity and therefore their business success.

Instagram is one of the networking services worthy of your efforts and as your social media profile grows, so do your sales. Instagram in particular is perhaps the best platform to use for this purpose. Instagram is easy to navigate once you familiarize yourself. If you have the time to learn and action this yourself, great, but don’t hesitate to secure a digital marketing expert, who will best understand the many layers and opportunities, some of which we’ll address further.

1. Optimize your profile
If it was as simple as opening an Instagram profile bearing your name and then randomly posting about whatever comes to mind on the day, everyone would be successful on Instagram. Optimizing your profile means deliberate action towards this end. Make sure yours is a business and not a personal profile, as this unlocks several value-add features, including a contact button enabling users to connect directly. Boost the core sections of your profile which include your handle, profile pic which represents your business, the bio to a maximum of 150 words which should be used wisely and include a call to action, and a URL link. As you may share only one link, make sure it’s the right one and change it when apt. Use new features, Stories highlights, and action buttons. Be consistent in high-quality content aligned to your brand. Turn on your notifications and engage. Then, use all available methods to share your profile.

2. Engage, engage, engage
Key to the value of social media and Instagram is the opportunity for regular 2-way communication with customers and followers, old and new. Quality content shared regularly guided by a comprehensive & thoughtful content calendar is an important spoke in the engagement wheel, but there are others that ensure mobility. Engage outside of your profile, on those of your followers, influencers, industry peers. In this way, you heighten awareness of your business and add followers and growth. There is even an Instagram growth service that engages for you, Growthsilo, and is worth using, considering 41% of users expect a response within 24 hours. Turn on Instagram notifications, so that you can respond promptly to your audience and assign someone to do so.

If you are looking to grow using an AI system, then it’s important to check out what others who have used the service have to say. This Growthoid review and the website it is hosted on is a great place to start looking. This is because not all services are exactly the same. In addition, research can alert you to avoid providers that may not be completely legitimate or offer acceptable customer service.

3. Keep it interesting
Interesting in this instance includes diversity. Avoid only posting a single image of your best-selling product. Share a business success story. Profile one of your product designers and their journey. Share a video of your exhibition stand while you’re onsite. Looks matter! Quality with a strong brand aesthetic. Tap into Instagram stories and Stories highlights to showcase content and offers, including free tools, tutorials, your YouTube channel, etc.

4. Post videos
Instagram is less about copy content and more about visuals, both photographs, and videos. Videos provide a special insight into the personality of your brand and followers are drawn to this. Be vulnerable, brave, and playful, all qualities which will engender greater loyalty.

5. Use hashtags
Another great way to increase your instagram growth is to use hashtags. A hashtag is a # followed immediately by a word or phrase which relates to your business and its products or service. The best and most relevant should appear in your bio and these and others will be used at different times on each post you publish. Each places your business into a virtual catalog on the topic. Now you can be found, without needing to know your name. A priceless brand awareness feature. There is such a thing as too many hashtags, so upskill yourself here.

Most Instagram users are online to see what their friends, influencers, and brands are sharing. 80% of Instagram users follow a business. Analytics will best determine whether your strategy is working. If you want to drive meaningful business outcomes, focus on the quality of your followers, rather than the quantity.

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