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How To Finance Your Dream Car

How To Finance Your Dream Car

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You have been eyeing the latest Renault Captur for some time now, and it aligns perfectly with what your dream car looks like. But how can you afford a car that ranges from $30000-$40000?  

Since most people have no experience with the complete process, most consumers are painfully clueless and underprepared when financing a new car. If you have decided on the new Renault Captur, there is no better way than car financing to get your hands on this incredible vehicle. 

When it comes to car financing, most consumers are solely concerned with the vehicle’s price and do not consider the better solution. We’ll show you how to choose the best auto financing plan for your new Renault Captur and some tips on how to get the best car loans. Keep reading to find out more. 

Shop Around For The Best Car Loan 

You want to take advantage of the best choice accessible to you when looking for a new car, so you search around and compare different cars. The same applies when it comes to car financing. Instead of going to the first lender that appeals to you, browse around and compare lenders. This will enable you to locate the best financial lender to provide you with the best auto loan rates so that you won’t lose out on any market possibilities this way. 

This will also enable you to negotiate better as you will be aware of how much money you have to spend, how much your instalments will be, and the best rate of interest you can get. 

Getting A Preapproval 

It’s always a good idea to get preapproval for a basic auto loan before going into the market to look for a new car. It streamlines the procedure because financial lenders will know you qualify for an auto loan and will be more inclined to finance you for your desired vehicle. Obtaining preapproval is a straightforward procedure that takes little time. 

Interest Rates 

Decide whether you want a fixed or variable rate of interest for your car loan.  

Car dealers typically offer a fixed interest loan, wherein your car instalments and rate of interest remain fixed. Exactly the same amount of money will be taken out of your account each month. 

A variable interest rate is the prefered choice if you intend to make additional payments and pay off your car loan earlier. Your payments will vary when the interest rates rise or fall; however, an early withdrawal fee is not charged on variable rate car loans. 

Make A Larger Down Payment 

Most individuals don’t get this since they think putting a greater down payment on a car is risky. It isn’t because it guarantees your lender that you won’t fail on the loan and lowers the total amount owed. For example, if you put $5,000 down on a $25,000 automobile, you’re financing $20,000, which is significant. 

You could put down $10,000 as a down payment, which would reduce the loan to $15,000 and make it much more doable for you. If you put down a greater down payment on your car, the lender may be willing to give you better conditions on your loan. 

Shorter Car Loans Are Always A Better Option

Choosing shorter car loans is one way to receive a better rate because the odds of you defaulting on the loan are slim; the shorter the term, the better your interest rate. This suggests the lender is willing to take a reduced risk for a lower interest rate. 

Among the most common car loan plans are the 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year plans. Always choose the 3-year term because it offers the best interest rates. 

Credit Union Loans 

Credit unions are a type of cooperative financial institution and do not pay any taxes to the federal government. This is why they can offer you the cheapest rates on new automobile loans.   In some cases, their rates are better than those offered by most banks, so it’s worth looking into. A credit union could be a better option if you’re having trouble getting preapproved for an auto loan and don’t want to go to a dealership or a bank. 

Financing From A Dealer 

You can also get financing directly from auto dealers, who are always on the lookout for smart customers to purchase a new car from them. They can offer you various financing options since they want to sell as many cars as possible. If you’re shopping for a Renault Captur, you can get one with dealer financing right from the dealership. 

Bank Loans 

When it comes to funding your new car, consumers’ most common method is to go to a bank. It’s always preferable to work with a bank with which you already have a relationship because they can provide you with better terms on your auto loan. Bank financing is the way to go if you don’t trust dealerships and don’t want to hunt around for the finest auto loan lenders. 

Don’t Forget To Cover Extra Care Costs  

There are several other costs to consider when purchasing a vehicle, like registration, stamp duty, car insurance, maintenance costs, and servicing.  

Many lenders provide loans that handle most of these expenses in addition to the vehicle if you can pay for these additional fees upfront to reduce your loan and save money on interest. 


Choosing a car isn’t the hard part; financing it is what is difficult. We have covered some of the best car financing and loan options so you can make wiser decisions. We hope you can get your hands on the new Renault Captur a little sooner than you thought you could.

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