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How to Choose a Coffee Subscription

How to Choose a Coffee Subscription

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Coffee subscriptions have grown in popularity in the last half a decade or so, with numerous options on the market.

With christmas on the horizon, the coffee subscription gift can make a coffee lovers day. Here’s what you need to look out for.

1. Freshness

Everyone who has drunk coffee before knows the stale coffee beans taste when you brew them. your problem might not be about going to the store to get a coffee bag weekly, but the coffee you are buying might not be fresh because it has been on the shelves for weeks or even months.

When roasted, they release carbon dioxide that goes away with freshness. That is going to continue until the beans are brewed (the vacuum-sealed ones are going to help slow down the rate that the coffee goes stale, but it is not going to get rid of it).

The best option is to go with a coffee beans subscription brewing on order. When you have this, the beans you get are going to be fresh when you pick them.

2. Delivery

Many people don’t like having to go to the store regularly to get their coffee beans, so it is a good idea to have a coffee subscription that saves you from all that work.

Maybe you don’t mind going to the store to get your beans weekly. Your energy might be there any time you want to get them, but your mind can fail you. You can easily forget about taking the coffee bag. You might realize this at the worst time; when you want to make yourself a cup of coffee.

There are many other scenarios, but you get the point. Choosing a coffee subscription is going to make things easier for you because you can get the fresh coffee beans delivered to your home, office, or business as frequently as you want. You don’t have to stress about walking or driving to the store.

3 Variety

You might have a lot of grocery stores around you, but the variety of coffee they have is not that diverse. This is because most grocery stores usually buy and sell commercial brands of coffee (it is a higher risk for stores to sell products people don’t know about). In most cases, the commercial brands get their coffee from one supplier. When you choose to buy from a subscription service (this is where you buy from coffee roasters), you are going to be exposed to many types including signature blends you can’t find in grocery stores.

If you check out Starbucks, you will realize they have more than 50 different blends. How many blends can you get in a grocery store? Newbeans has more than 100 blends, but you will find less than half of those blends in their stores.

When you get a coffee subscription, you will be exposed to many coffee blends that you wouldn’t find in a store.

4. Single-Origin

This means the same way it sounds. It is used to denote coffee beans from the same region country, or even from the same farm. It can also be from different farms but in the same country. It can also be used when describing a blend of coffee from one country.

It is hard to get a single-origin coffee when you go to the grocery store. There are some commercial brands that claim their coffee is single-origin, but that is not true. They can do that because single-origin is vague. Single-origin can be used to describe coffee grown in different parts of the country. When the producer adds a small percentage of coffee beans from a given region, it can be considered single-origin status. What has made things complicated is there are no rules when labeling coffee.

How are coffee subscriptions going to help you with this problem? Most subscription services allow you to sample coffee from different regions of the world and also those grown in one region, which is the true single-origin.

5. Value

You can save many costs through coffee subscriptions. You are going to avoid the stress that comes with walking and driving to the nearest café. Your expenses per cup are going to be lower. You are going to get it at a good price because it doesn’t involve a coffee shop’s overheads and a middleman. This means you are going to get it at a lower price.

Most of the subscriptions have a price-off on the standard retail price. The percentage on the price-off might not look that much, but the savings you are going to make are going to add up with time, especially for regular drinkers. There are those who have reported more than 15% in savings through the subscription service.

Education is another value you can expect through a coffee subscription. Most online coffee roasters have blogs, newsletters, and other online communities. They provide updates on new blends or more information about the coffee using these platforms.

6. Customization of the blend

A coffee subscription is a great option for those who have a preference when it comes to the quality of their blend, but you can get the choice when it is only one type of coffee bean.

Coffee roasters have a profiling and tasting system that allows you to identify and choose a coffee blend based on attributes like body, aroma, taste, and acidity. Not all roasters are not going to have this option, and some will ask for a minimum purchase amount before doing that.

7. Reliability

When we talk about reliability, it is not about you. We know you love coffee and you are willing to go to the coffee shop to get it. We are talking about the coffee shop because we don’t trust it that much. They can roast fewer bags that week or even close up early. This will leave you without coffee, which can be a terrible thing for coffee aficionados.

A subscription is good because it ensures you are going to get your cup any time you want. The coffee subscription service is going to treat you nicely and ensure your orders get on time because they don’t want to lose you.

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