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How often should I valet my car?

How often should I valet my car?

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Our friends at Car Valet London are here to answer the question “ How often should I valet my car?”

Well, how often you should wash your car entirely dependant on your lifestyle and what you decide to do with your car. According to some specialist, the average anyone should wash their cars is between 2 weeks and one month. But this can vary depending on a few different factors, so here are a few things to consider before you decide how often you need to wash your car:

How often do you use the car?

The more you use your vehicle the more you will need to wash it.

If you use your car every day during the week and even on the weekends you may want to wash it at least twice a week. On the other hand, if you only use it for a few minutes in the day then you will likely not need to wash it that much.

Where Do You Travel To And From?

If you travel on the motorway every day then naturally, there is far more chance your car will get dirty. There are far more contaminants that will make their way onto your car since you and other road users are travelling at speed, flicking all sorts of debris from the roads. If you have to travel on the motorway every day during the week then it might be worth having it washed once a week to save your car paintwork from certain destruction, but if you travel on a quiet road for just a few minutes to work then your car will stay cleaner for longer.

Where is your car left when Not In Use?

If you keep your car in a garage when unused then it will clearly stay a lot cleaner than it would if you have to leave it on the side street. If you are part of the unlucky majority that have to leave their cars outside, then you will probably want to wash your car more often.

What Is The Season?

Winter should be the season you want to wash your car more often because then there is so much that can damage your paintwork.

Spring and Autumn are relatively important to keep on top of cleaning your car because of all the mud on the road that your vehicle accumulates, but there are fewer abrasive elements that make their way onto your vehicle than in the winter. Summer, despite the judgement of the masses, should be less important. Although your car will look dusty, dust won’t do much damage to the paintwork in comparison to other contaminants. Although for cosmetic reasons, keeping your car clean in the summer is important as they do look dirtier than in any other season.

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