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How Can You Minimise the Costs of a Divorce?

How Can You Minimise the Costs of a Divorce?

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It may be a sad fact that around 42% of marriages end in divorce, but divorce is, nonetheless, a part of life, and often a very pricey one at that. From legal fees to splitting up assets, there are numerous costs associated with the ending of a marriage, so it is wise to look at the ways in which you may be able to save money if you ever find yourself going through one. As such, here are some considerations.

Legal Fees

Nearly all divorces involve the need for help in the form of a lawyer or law firm who have family law solicitors, so this may be a good place to start when looking to keep costs down. It is likely that there will be many to choose from, so conducting some research and getting quotes from different firms will help you narrow down your selection.

It is important that you do not sacrifice quality for price, however, as divorces can be long, arduous, and sometimes very complex, so finding a well-priced lawyer who also has a good reputation (look at their client testimonials) is a must.


Whilst going through a divorce may be very tough emotionally/mentally, it is important to think logically throughout the entire process. There are always (at least) two people who need to be satisfied, so being willing to compromise with your former partner is crucial.

If you can maintain as much communication as possible, you should find it much easier to bridge any gaps and compromise on certain financial (and other) arrangements relatively quickly. This will help to avoid the legal process being dragged out, potentially saving you a very significant amount of money in the long run.

Key Issues

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of a divorce is to discuss key issues (such as childcare) with your former partner before proceedings have begun. This will not only help you formulate a general plan/outline for life after the divorce, but also save you money.

It will also help to shorten legal proceedings considerably, and you will be able to make financial arrangements for life after the divorce sooner. As a result, you should be able to avoid the general uncertainty which surround most divorces.

A divorce, ultimately, does not have to be an unfathomably expensive process. If it can be well planned, managed and executed, then the process will be as stress free, smooth and, crucially, cheap, as possible. Finding ways to cut costs, then, should be a priority for any couple looking to get a divorce, as it could well end up saving them a great deal of expense in the long run.

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How Can You Minimise the Costs of a Divorce?

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