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How Can A Student Earn Money?

How Can A Student Earn Money?

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Student life is irrevocably the best part of one’s life. Students get to enjoy their lives to the fullest. But one thing that plays an important part to enable students to have a fun time is pocket money. While quality time does not necessarily require money, you won’t be able to get pizza and hamburgers without money. This is the reason students usually look for part-time jobs to earn some pocket money for themselves, and not be a burden on their parents. But how to do that? In this article, we talk about some easy ways which students can use to earn their own pocket money.

Students want to earn money, but there are a lot of time constrictions. So, they need part-time jobs, which allows them to earn money, but they should also be able to live their best life and balance their studies. And the greatest news is, there are a lot of part-time jobs available in the market, which students can apply for. In this era of the internet, where there exists a separate online world, students can easily access online part-time jobs, which means they won’t even have to be physically present for their jobs. Can it get any better than that? They just need to bark up the right tree (or website).

Writing Services

The most convenient part-time job for a student would be working for an essay writing service. Since writing essays is something that students do all the time, it is a pretty constant source of income. If you can write essays, apply to one of these writing services. Who knows, the company that helped me write my essay might turn out to be the company that you helped to get the essay written for some customer. There are various essay writing services to choose from, so be careful. Not all of them are trustworthy. Some essay writing services are criticized for paying their writers too little.

If essay writing is not your forte, or writing for students seems intimidating, then don’t worry. You can choose to become a freelance writer for blogs or magazines if that is more up your alley. Writing jobs are the most easily available jobs on the internet, and they happen to have one of the highest paying rates as well.

Transcription jobs

If you happen to be one of those people, who use writing services to get their papers written, then, obviously, a writing job isn’t for you. You can look around, and apply for a transcription job. These jobs require you to have a keen sense of listening. You would be sent audio files, and you would have to transcribe these files, meaning you would have to record the audio file in writing. These jobs are pretty easy, considering you don’t have to spend time creating content out of thin air. All you need to do is listen to the audio, and jot down whatever you hear.

Translating Jobs

As a student, you are bound to take up second and third languages. If you work hard and manage to get a grip over these languages, you open up more opportunities for earning some pocket money. If you happen to be lucky and be a bilingual person, then you don’t even need to study. A lot of sites looking for translation services. You might be required to translate documents or audio files, and you get paid merely for having a good knowledge of another language.

Data Entry Jobs

This is again similar to transcription jobs. You are given large amounts of data, which you need to record, using various data processing programs. But to be able to do this, you need to know about the data processing programs beforehand. Mostly, employers look for people with knowledge of MS Excel, as that is the most commonly used data processing program.

In case you don’t have any knowledge regarding these programs, don’t be disheartened. Just go on the internet, and you can learn pretty much everything, usually for minimal fees or even for free.


Today, with this pandemic raging on, online teaching is in vogue. There are a lot of companies which offer to teach children, and parents are willing to pay large amounts of money for these services. If you have a knack for tutoring, try your hand at teaching. Managing kids might not be an easy task, but it is one of the least time consuming part-time jobs out there.

Affiliate Marketing

These days, it is next to impossible to find a student who does NOT have a social media account. With so many social media apps to choose from, one has a hard time keeping away from these apps. Well, why not put your social media reach to use, huh? If you have a wide social media presence, you have the perfect base to sign up as an affiliate marketer. What does it mean? It means that you market other services and products, and you get paid for the traffic that you divert to their pages. Who knew posting regularly and social media and amassing followers could help you get paid, right?


All in all, earning money is not exactly the daunting task that society makes it to be. Students get a wide range of options to choose from, and they can apply for a part-time job that suits their tastes and needs. Of course, you might not earn a lot, but it would probably be enough to let you have a taste of what independence feels like. Since students cannot dedicate their whole time to their jobs, they must learn to strike a balance between their jobs and studies. Earning a few bucks for yourself is great, but it should not hinder your studies in any way.

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