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Getting As Much Value As Possible From Baby Items

Getting As Much Value As Possible From Baby Items

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The thing about baby items is, you don’t need them after 12 months. To spend hundreds of dollars and then not med the items anymore seems like a waste. And yet, no parent would be pleased if they couldn’t give their baby great items to wear, sleep in and enjoy playing with. It’s Not that your baby will know what they are in terms of quality and design, it’s just, you want to be able to show your child one day that you bought them the best you could afford. It’s almost like a pride thing, we want to give our children the best we can buy because they are worth more to us than money! But how do you get the most out of those items anyway?

Strong basket

Rather than an upright seat for your baby, you could buy him or her one of these Wicker Moses Baskets. The great thing about these baskets is, you can take the basket out of the frame and into another room. The straps at the side allow the basket to be lifted out of the support and carried with just one arm. Cribs with a changing table can also be used as a bed for a baby, as the sides are quite high and the scoop roof provides the child with protection from draughts if placed near the window. Or you can use the basket how it was meant to be, for short naps. Able to be covered easily, it can be used during the autumn or winter months, but since it’s made from wicker, it can breathe and allow for air circulation, great for the hotter months too. All this for £33.99!

Baby winter coat

The winter shall soon be fully upon us and thus, baby coats and jackets have come back into season. However, many parents find that no one single coat does the trick. But actually, it can! So many parents get their baby a puffer jacket, but this doesn’t help in very cold months and when it’s raining. It’s good for protection against the wind and a cool drop in temperature. However, the best all-round winter coat is the parka. It’s made from cotton usually, goes down to about the mid-thigh and has a faux fur lining around the outside of the hood. All this means that it’s great for the autumn and winter. It’s not too heavy and it covers a lot of the body. The alternative is a duffle coat but this can be quite cumbersome and almost too warm for a baby to wear. A good parka for a baby can be just £14.

Woman laying in the grass with baby boots on her belly

Baby boot

Many parents think they should get their baby shoes, but boots are better for a few reasons. They are tough and they won’t be damaged so easily. Even if the dog is found chewing them, they won’t be punctured so easily and boots are also, thicker than sneakers, so you can wear them in all seasons. Baby boots can arrive from £17.

Saving on your baby items is easy if you know what items will be the best for your baby and your wallet. These are just some of them but can you think of any others?

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