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Fashion Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

Fashion Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

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As a mom of a bride, you are naturally very excited and nervous about the big day for your daughter and you will also want to look your very best. After all, just after the groom and the bride, you are guaranteed that everyone will be looking at you too and what you are wearing.

If you are not sure about the style you should be going for on this special day, here are important fashion tips that any fashion-conscious and discerning mother of a bride can use.

Be Open-Minded

According to Frox of Falkirk, many women have pre-conceived ideas about what they would like to wear, but similar to a bride and her dress for the wedding, it is always better to try on many colors and styles as most mom of the bride outfits and dresses do not offer a very great “hanger appeal” but will look absolutely amazing once you try it on.

When choosing your outfit for the wedding day, it is a polite gesture to allow the bride to give her suggestions and that the outfit complements the overall wedding party, yet it is still important that your Mother of the Bride stands out in a look and color that is individual.

Depending on the wedding theme, as a mother you are able to choose if you would like your outfit to be formal or perhaps more casual, it comes down to personal choice.

Wear A Hat Or No Hat

It is a tradition that the mothers of brides wear hats, and for most moms, that hat is usually the most flamboyant part of the outfit. As weddings have become a lot more non-traditional and avant-garde, a lot of wedding customs that are long-established have changed or are no longer used, which includes the choice in headwear for the mother of the bride.

The correct type of hat has the abilities to really enhance the outfit, which will make sure you really stand out. Adorning your outfit for the wedding with a hat that is stylish can help you to appear elegant, feminine, and stylish which befits the role of a mom to the bride.

That been said, there are other choices for dressing up your wedding outfit, using striking headwear besides a traditional hat.

The Fascinators are the ideal choice in headwear to complement your wedding outfit, just like a traditional wedding-hat. Yet the Hatinator, is currently a top-rated choice in headwear for Mothers of the Bride at weddings. They are really striking while adding a stylish modern twist.

Focus On The Hairstyle

Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

Whether you decide to wear a headgear or a hat, your hairstyle should match up to the overall look for the wedding day.

The half-down/half-up hairstyle is an elegant style for a wedding, which will look good on its own or even under your glamorous hat.

Long hair can look great with curling tongs, which will give you a tousled look, which is pertinent for the summer, boho or chic weddings.

Shorter hairstyles look great with accessories. You can easily remove them without changing your hairstyle, which is ideal to transition into the night without needing a hairdresser.

Make Sure Your Mother Of The Bride Shoes Match Up To Your Outfit

The last part of your outfit includes the perfect pair of shoes and a bag. Keep comfort in mind as you will probably be standing for many hours of the day or night. It is a good idea to add accent colors to the outfit so that generic tones like nude, navy, gold and silver always work well while retaining that classic look. However, if the outfit already has strong tones, you can choose a bag and shoes that are dyed, making your accessories tie in perfectly and the overall look will flow beautifully.

The great news about the latest fashion for mothers of the brides is there are no wrong or right ways to choose an outfit. Choose something that you feel comfortable in and be open to adapting the outfit to a theme or style of the wedding. Remember to enjoy yourself and enjoy the attention you get from all the guests on the day.

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