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Everything You Need To Know About The Dog Breed German Spitz

Everything You Need To Know About The Dog Breed German Spitz

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Facing uncertainties nowadays isn’t as odd as before. Today, having difficulties or engaging in something that wouldn’t make us delighted is already typical in day-to-day living, especially in times of this global pandemic, which causes isolation and loneliness to our entity (read more). Even other people’s presence isn’t as enjoyable as before, since almost all have been facing their struggles. It’s pretty tricky to have a bond due to the restrictions implemented. 

There’s no question that our pets are the only coping source we have to escape our lives’ uncertainties. The affection and love they gave are enough to make us feel that we are not forlorn. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on the joy they provide.

There are loads of dog breeds you would undoubtedly enjoy and the best bully breeders can help. If you are new to dog ownership then the most loving is the German Spitz Dog.

What Is A German Spitz?

Probably you’d be familiar with their appearance; as you walk into streets or parks, then maybe you’ve encountered a very giggly and hyperactive dog that has a bushy fur. Indeed, you’ll love how cute they are.

A German Spitz is one of the oldest breeds of dog. It has originated in Germany and has been popularly known during the 18th century in England. Since this is one of the oldest, then it is an ancestor of many breeds existing today.

They are brilliant and independent, and in fact, you can be dependent on them in guarding your house as they are perfect for that role. They are also very much trusted, especially in your family members or a baby, since German Spitz is very much like a family dog, which everyone will love. A rare kind of dog that will be your emotional support in every circumstance, indeed.

Also, looking at their appearance is very much pleasing already. Conceive it, having a thick, double coat and small prick ears and legs are so cute!

They look similar to a pomeranian, but German Spitz is a bit bigger. The German Spitz sized 12 up to 15 inches, while the Pomeranian sizes as 6 to 7 inches. Thus, in comparison, Pomeranian is much more like a toy version of German Spitz.

Qualities Of A German Spitz

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You, having them as your pet, would be nothing boring but full of entertainment and diversion. Often, German Spitz does not like to be away from their owners. In them, you’d feel wanted, which is a necessary feeling in times of widespread precariousness. Also, they are very clingy.


Although sometimes they get a little bit mischievous and stubborn, the German Spitz Dogs are very easy to train and still very attentive in listening to your command. They make excellent home protector and a family companion.


There is no doubt that they are energetic. German Spitz is often found their comfort in a vast yard instead of indoors, as they love strolling around, which helps their health. They are highly active as they want to be the center of attention of the whole family. Giggly!


Dogs have always been known for their instinct to anything unfamiliar. That’s why they are perfect as well to guard your homes since they are very intuitive.


Frequently, German Spitz Dogs are confident. Probably because they trust their owners and because they want attention, in nature. You have to play with them and give them the spotlight that they wish to boost their confidence.

Most likely, you’ll see the twinkle in their eyes when you get to play with them or let them play alone while chasing a ball or a toy. Getting them is like rewarding yourself. It is because they bring joyfulness to everyone. If you want a dog that will let you feel loved, cared for, and protected, then this kind of breed might be for you!


While the German Spitz Dog is highly active, there is still in need to consider, particularly in their health as we all know that all of the living creatures are presumably to experience a problem in their well-being. Therefore, our pets are not an exception.

German Spitz is known to be susceptible to chronic problems. So it is vital to give them a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of them thus includes an everyday 30-minute exercise or a simple training will do.

A piece of advice from an expert/veterinarian is a must when it comes to the welfare of your furry-pal at least visit once or twice a year, do as you please (link:


As we all see, German Spitz is a short-legged dog and has multiple layers of hair fur, which is thick and fluffy. It would be best if you wouldn’t forget to brush it once or twice a week to avoid tangling or knotting, and thorough bathing should be done once in a while. Although German Spitz looks challenging to groom as it seems, it is still manageable. As long as you are continuously doing it, then it would be better as it would have been if not correctly executed.


Another thing is they are also prone to obesity because they love eating. Although German Spitz dogs are cute and clingy, please don’t get too flimsy when it comes to them. Make sure to refrain them from overeating. The best thing to do is to have them a diet plan and regular exercise regularly. Their health is as addressed in their diet, ensure that you are giving them the best one.

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