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Easy ways to brighten up your garden

Easy ways to brighten up your garden

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For any home, a garden is an asset. It is somewhere the kids can safely let off steam. As well as being a relaxing place for you to enjoy a drink or entertain friends. But you do need to look after it. Over the years, it is all too easy to let things slip and end up with a garden that is less than enticing. If yours is looking a bit drab, read on and try out some of these ideas. They are all simple things you can do to quickly brighten up your garden.

Change up your lighting

If your garden lighting is looking a bit tired, consider replacing some or all of it. Do not worry if you do not have the budget to do that. Instead, you can simply give everything a lick of paint and maybe swap out some of the bulbs. For example, using different shapes and colours of LED festoon bulbs is a quick way to make a string of garden lights look brighter and more interesting. Plus, you do not need to find the money to replace them all at once. You can wait until one of your old white bulbs blows and replace it with a different coloured one.

Plant something different

Without really thinking about it most of us end up planting the same plants year after year. Ones that we know can be easily grown in our garden. If you have not done so for a while, consider buying some plants that you have never tried before. All you need to do is to check that the new flowers will grow in your soil type.

Add some pots or transform the ones you already have

It is relatively easy to pick up colourful pots without having to pay a lot of money to do so. If you are working with a very tight budget, use this how-to guide to transform any plain terracotta pots that you own into something more eye-catching.

Create some garden art

If your garden walls and fences are currently bare, consider creating some artwork to hang on them. It could be as simple as taking that colourful plate you bought back from your holidays out of the back of the cupboard and hanging it up outside. Or you could buy a nice sculpture and turn that into a focal point for the garden. If you want to enjoy it at night, just install an up light.

Paint everything in brighter colours

Paint does not cost much, especially if you buy white paint and mix your own. As you can see here, you do not need any special equipment or time to be able to do so. You can easily create your own custom colours, which will enable you to quickly transform your fences, shed and garden furniture. Plus, of course, repainting everything will protect it from the elements and make it all last for much longer.

It only takes a few hours a week to be able to transform your garden into a far brighter and more inviting space. Plus, some jobs, like repainting things can be done inside, during the colder months.

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