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Different Partition Options That May Suit The Layout & Design Of Your Office

<strong>Different Partition Options That May Suit The Layout & Design Of Your Office</strong>

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Many companies embrace an open-plan office design, but you still sometimes need to divide the space in your office to designate different zones. An excellent way of doing this is using office partitions to divide the space, and there are various options you can consider for your workplace. There are options and materials to suit all needs and budgets, and they can help make a comfortable workplace for your employees and boost productivity. You can see some different partition options below that can be an excellent way of dividing the areas of your office and help improve the overall aesthetics.

Drywall Partitioning

Drywall partitions are one of the most cost-effective types of partitions that are quick and easy to install. A simple wooden frame is created and fixed to the floor or wall to make drywall partitions, and then the plasterboard covers the frame. You can then paint the partition any colour you wish and include additional thermal or acoustic insulation into the partitions to help control noise and temperature levels. They are also quick and easy to remove if you change the layout of your office, and drywall partitioning is one of the most cost-effective options you can choose for your office space.

Glazed Partitions

Glazed partitions are an excellent option to consider for your office as they still give the feel of an open-plan layout, but they can help you control noise and temperature better. An excellent feature of using glazed panels for partitioning is that they can help maximise the natural light in your office space, boosting productivity and well-being. With simple glazed panels, there are three options available, which are:

  • Single-Glazed Partitions
  • Double-Glazed Partitions
  • Triple-Glazed Partitions

Choosing double or triple-glazed partitions will also give you additional acoustic and thermal insulation, helping you control noise and temperature in your workplace. However, there are other different glazed partition options available that you can consider installing in your office.

Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless glass partitions are an excellent option for office spaces that do not get as much sunlight and help maximise the amount of light that can permeate the office. As they do not have a frame, there is nothing to obstruct the light, helping to ensure your office space is bright and airy. The glass panels are fixed to the floor, ceiling, and exterior walls, and not having a visible frame can make the space seem bigger. They are more expensive than single-glazed partitioning, but they are a fantastic choice when light is a priority, and you want to make an excellent first impression on visitors.

Demountable Partitions

Demountable partitions are a popular choice for many companies, as they are versatile and cost-effective. You can claim the cost of the partitions against capital allowances tax, making them cost-effective. They can also be taken down and reconfigured into a different design, making them highly versatile. When you have demountable partitions in your office, they can adapt and change as your business needs do and help you create an excellent working environment for your employees. The partitions can come as solid walls, walls with windows, and ones with doors, which attach to the ceiling and floor. Demountable partitions are an investment that keeps on giving as you change how you use them as your business grows.

Switchable Glass Partition

Another glass partition option you can consider, which is at the end of the scale, is switchable glass partitions. You typically see these partitions in executive offices, meeting rooms, and board rooms, and they can help maximise natural light and offer privacy when required. Using a button, you can change the state of the glass in the partitions from transparent to opaque, which is ideal when holding meetings or interviews. They work using a crystal structure, and when you turn the partitions on, the crystals align and make the glass transparent. Once the partitions are turned off, the crystals become unaligned, and the glass becomes opaque. They are an expensive option for an office, but they can create the aesthetic and ambience you want for your workplace.

A Living Wall Partition

A living wall partition is an excellent option to consider for your office space, which can help soften the atmosphere and make the area seem brighter. A living or green wall is where you create a living wall using plants and greenery, and it is an excellent addition to an office. Plants and flowers are known to affect humans in the workplace, and they can help filter the air, help people focus and concentrate, and improve the overall well-being of your employees. What better way to divide space in an office than with beautiful plants and flowers that look and smell amazing? However, artificial plants can achieve a similar effect, which is an excellent option if you are worried about them dying in your workplace.

Mobile Partitions

Mobile partitions are another option you can consider which is ideal when you need a versatile solution for your workplace. You can move the mobile partitions around the office, meaning you can change the layout and floorplan of your workspace easily, and they are also a cost-effective solution. They are available in various colours, designs, and materials, and they are suitable for fast and agile workplaces. 

Sliding Partitions

Sliding partitions are another suitable option for your workplace when the space is used for multiple purposes. You can easily open or close sliding partitions using one hand, and they can often be seen in community centres, schools, canteens, and other large room spaces. They are an excellent choice when choosing function over form and selecting the most practical option for your workplace design.

The above are a few options of the different partitions you can use to divide the space in your office, but there are more besides these. Assess the needs of your workplace and employees and select the option that best meets those needs, and it can help you create the ideal space for your business to thrive. 

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