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Creating a thriving eCommerce retail business from home as a busy parent

<strong>Creating a thriving eCommerce retail business from home as a busy parent</strong>

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Everyone spends some much time online these days, and it is hardly surprising that are now crazy about online shopping. If you manage to set up an eCommerce business, you’ll certainly have no shortage of potential customers. 

Being a parent is a massive responsibility, but how lovely would it be to be able to get a reliable stream of money every month by running an eCommerce business from home? The key to operating a thriving eCommerce business is you being passionate about the products you sell, whether that be postcards, clothing, memorabilia, artwork, jewellery, or whatever lights your flame that you think others would go and buy online.

Come up with a good name 

Coming up with a good, catchy name and getting your branding right is essential. Your company website or online store needs to have a name that people will remember. 

If your products are successful and then, in the future, you decide to also sell them offline in brick-and-mortar shopping stores, a catchy name will also help to make sure that customers’ attention is grasped and they don’t walk past your items. 

Having difficulty coming up with good ideas for names for your eCommerce business? If there are a bit older, why not ask your kids for some ideas and see what they come up with?!

Create a robust business plan 

Behind any successful profit-making business is a well-structured business plan that has been in place from the off. 

You need to think about who your target audience is, and the places they will tend to visit online. Why are these important considerations? Well, your marketing strategies should be tailored to your audience for them to be most effective and lead to more sales conversations. 

Of course, an effective business strategy will help to iron out any time wastages and inefficiencies, and hopefully increase the amount of free time you have to play with your kids as a parent!

Research, research, research

Product and market research is vital when creating a new eCommerce business from home. You need to know what your competitors are doing, and how you can take inspiration from them to help you do things better. 

Have they had standout business ideas such as innovative customer deals and promotions? How did your competitors manage to build their customer base? 

Thanks to the internet, there will be tons of data and information on your competition for you to draw on out there online.

Stock management and storage

How well you manage and store your stock will have a significant impact on the profits you are able to generate as an eCommerce brand. After all, customers will quickly go elsewhere if your goods consistently arrive late at their address or your items come damaged far too frequently. 

Think about where are you going to put all your stock if you are creating an eCommerce store from home. There may not be enough storage space in your property or your garden shed, especially if you are expanding at a rapid rate.

A great solution for business storage is to hire a self storage unit from a reliable provider, and doing so will help to keep your mind at ease. Currie Easy Self Storage prioritises security for its storage customers and is an excellent business storage solution for anybody living in and around the Greater London area running an eCommerce company, with 3 locations in Isleworth, Richmond, and Twickenham. 

Your online store must be easy to navigate

To increase your sales figures, you must ensure your online store or website is simple to navigate, and making a purchase is easy.  Create a seamless customer experience with minimal bumps on the road.

As a busy parent with perhaps not so much time on your hands, you could benefit from hiring the services of a dedicated web development team. 

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