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Corn vs. Flour Tortilla: Which One is Better?

Corn vs. Flour Tortilla: Which One is Better?

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Though tortillas are a staple of most Mexican dishes, their usefulness doesn’t stop with burritos and chimichangas. You can use these versatile wraps for all manner of snacks and meals. Nutella roll-ups, tortilla chips, chicken caesar salad wraps … the world is your tortilla.

But not all tortillas are created equal, and there are some significant differences between corn tortillas and flour tortillas that could determine which one you choose for you and your family, but you might not know what they are.

Let’s look at which tortillas are the healthiest, have fewer carbs and calories, how easy they are to make, and most importantly, which is the tastiest.

Corn vs. Flour, What’s The Difference?

Both regular tortillas and corn tortillas have flour as their primary ingredient, but what’s the difference between all-purpose flour and cornflour?

The difference lies in the ingredients they were milled from.

All-purpose flour is milled from wheat, and cornflour is milled from, you guessed it, corn. 

Corn vs. Flour, Which Contains The Most Calories?

If you like to track the number of calories you consume on a daily basis, you’ll want to know how many calories each of these flours contains.

In 100g of all-purpose flour, there are approximately 360 calories (depending on which brand you use), while corn flour has around 110 calories (again, this is dependant on which type of corn flour you buy) per 100g.

So if you’re watching your calorie intake, cornflour is far superior to all-purpose flour.

Corn vs. Flour, Which Contains The Most Carbs?

Low carb diets are exceedingly popular thanks to their apparent ability to help people drop excess body fat more quickly than traditional dieting methods, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without delicious tortillas.

With a whopping 75g of carbs per 100g, all-purpose flour’s carb content is far greater than that of cornflour, which only has around 15-20g of carbs per 100g.

Corn vs. Flour, Which Contains The Most Protein?

If you work out at the gym or at home, chances are you monitor your protein intake. So does all-purpose flour or cornflour contain the most protein?

Surprisingly, all-purpose flour (10g) contains five times the amount of protein per 100g than cornflour (2g).

Corn vs. Flour, Which Contains The Most Fat?

While fat isn’t quite the demon it was once portrayed to be, low-fat diets are still extremely popular, so if you’re using such a plan, you’ll want to know the fat content of both these flours.

Corn flour easily contains the most fat out of the two, with 3g of fat per 100g, white all-purpose flour only has 1g of fat.

Corn vs. Flour, Which One is Gluten-Free?

Gluten intolerance is no joke, and if you’re allergic to gluten, you have to watch what you eat or risk suffering from a whole host of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious food. Though it does mean regular flour tortillas are off the menu as they do contain gluten. However, corn tortillas are gluten-free and can be enjoyed without any nasty side effects.

Corn vs. Flour, Which Tortillas Are Easiest To Make?

The only real difference between corn flour recipes and all-purpose flour tortilla recipes is the flour. Of course, there are variations of each recipe, but the fundamentals remain the same.

All you need to make your own delicious tortillas are:

  • Corn flour or All-Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Butter
  • Hot Water
  • Rolling Pin or Tortilla Press
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Paper Towel

Corn vs. Flour Tortillas, Which Is The Tastiest?

Unfortunately, this is not something that we can help you with as everyone has different tastes. Neither corn tortillas nor flour tortillas are “better” than the other; they both of their own unique flavors that some might find delicious while other people might not be so keen.

The only way you can find out which is tastiest is by making your own (or buying them) and finding out for yourself.

And isn’t that a better way of knowing than some random person on the internet telling you?

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