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Cleaning Services London

Cleaning Services London

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Many cleaning agencies have been operating in London for a long time, the number of which is growing every year. These companies are actively competing with each other and are fighting for each customer in terms of the set and quality of services, as well as an acceptable price. However, there are not many clearing services in the city that provide online booking, and it is one of these companies, eMop, is discussed in more detail below.

eMop company Key Benefits

Our clients come back to us time and time again and also sign contracts with us for regular cleaning services London, as we provide them with the following advantages compared to most competitors:

· We are one of the few companies that work when booking services online.

· According to the most reputable rating agencies, we are among the top ten cleaning services in London.

· We accept requests for cleaning your premises around the clock and seven days a week.

· You can determine and agree with us on the schedule of payment for services, subject to the conclusion of a long-term contract.

· Our professional cleaning service starts at £15 per hour and includes the necessary equipment as well as detergents.

· We use only the highest quality premium cleaners and detergents from world-famous manufacturers that do not contain components harmful to human health.

Most of our customers work with us permanently and leave only positive reviews about us from independent online sources, noting the perfect value for money.

How to book a service online with eMop?

The interface of our website is designed in such a way that even a child can understand it. To order a service in our company, the customer only needs to follow one simple algorithm:

· Access our website on a PC by typing the appropriate address in the browser bar or by using any popular search server.

· The customer can also install a mobile application that is designed for both Android and iOS users, and then simply click on the corresponding icon on the screen.

· On the main page, an electronic button for online booking of cleaning services will be displayed, which you need to press.

· The system takes the customer to a registration form with interactive lines to fill out.

· The customer enters his personal, contact details, as well as the address of the object along with the postal code.

· Further, the customer will be asked to select the type of premises, the name of the service, and also indicate the degree of pollution. Under these criteria, the system will automatically generate the approximate cost of cleaning.

· At the final stage, you need to indicate the desired date of arrival of the cleaner, then confirm the order and send us a request for processing.

Immediately after receiving the application, the specialist process and coordinate it overnight, after which the customer will have to wait for the day the service is provided.

How to pay for cleaning services?

We are one of the most flexible cleaning companies in town for customers. If the client contacts us for a one-time general cleaning, we register an application and calculate the approximate price, after which we provide the service in full and issue the final invoice to the customer, the amount of which will depend on the number of hours of work of our specialist.

If the client wants to conclude a long-term contract for regular cleaning in his home or office, we provide him with the choice of the form and payment period that is most convenient for him. In this case, the customer can track the formation of the final invoice in the profile on our website, as well as repay the debt at the end of the week or month.

How to manage online booking of services in eMop?

Every time a customer forms an application and sends it to us for processing, all cleaners on our website see this request. If the application is approved, the customer receives a return notification from the system on the screen of a mobile phone or to an email address.

The customer also has the opportunity to go to the website, enter a login and password, go to his account and independently track the progress of the application and its execution, without waiting for notifications from the system.

What types of facilities do we service?

· Any type of residential premises – apartments in high-rise buildings, private houses, villas, apartments, lofts, hotel rooms.

· Office premises, at business centers, regardless of the type of coatings on the walls and the floor, as well as the area of ​​the object.

· Separate rooms in apartments, private residential buildings, or office premises – living rooms, workrooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, libraries, and fireplace rooms.

· Comprehensive cleaning of bathrooms, showers, toilets, and other rooms with high humidity.

· Cleaning the kitchen from grease and mold on a turnkey basis.

· Wet or dry cleaning of public spaces in multi-apartment residential buildings or business centers – halls, stairs, elevator platforms, entrances, foyers, lobbies, and technical spaces.

What types of work are included in our services?

By the premises listed above, for each of these real estate objects, we are ready to promptly and efficiently perform the following types of cleaning work:

· Dry cleaning of any residential or public premises.

· Wet cleaning of the same premises, using professional equipment and premium cleaning products.

· Dust removal of any surfaces – furniture, household appliances, electronics, equipment, with their treatment with antistatic.

· Complex washing of windows, stained-glass windows, glazing of balconies, loggias, and terraces, as well as mirrors and wardrobes made of these reflective materials.

· Wiping and giving freshness to any piece of furniture in the apartment or the house.

· Cleaning of any kind of contamination of doors and fittings for them, restoring shine to door handles.

· Tidying up your closets and dressing rooms.

· Complete gentle cleaning of all types of wall, ceiling, floor, and other lighting fixtures.

· Dry or wet cleaning of carpets, as well as any other synthetic or natural pile materials, together with skirting boards.

· Upon completion of all work, our cleaners will promptly collect and take out the garbage, and only after that, they will provide the finished premises to the customer.

The list of services described above is far from complete, and each customer can choose any other types of work that impress him, depending on his wishes and requirements. We are ready to provide you with cleaning services today. The minimum time for making an application must be no later than 4 hours before the provision of the service. We are glad to each new customer and guarantee him only impeccable service for adequate money.

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