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7 Ways to Get the Cheapest Unlimited Broadband 

7 Ways to Get the Cheapest Unlimited Broadband 

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We all know that we should be switching our broadband when our promo deal comes up. Getting the best-unlimited broadband deals is like finding the holy grail at times and can take ages if you’re trying to compare deals manually.

But what if we told you that there is a better way of getting the best broadband deals? One that doesn’t have you comparing the cost of every little detail.

What does broadband-only mean?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you get just broadband. All the different providers have their own definitions of what broadband-only means.

For some, it means that you may get free anytime calls for example. Most broadband providers do include a phone line or line rental as well. It’s not easy to work out exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Who provides truly broadband-only deals?

Using an online comparison site is a great way to easily see what you’re getting for your money. They have some great tips too on what to look out for and the deals available.

We’ve quickly summarised the providers below based on research done by

Direct Save Telecom – they offer pay-as-you-go calls with all their packages. If you’re looking for a budget provider then look at them first. You do need a phone line installed first though.

EE – we’ve all heard of EE and their great prices on mobile packages but they also do unlimited broadband packages too. Speeds vary so check your area first. You will need an existing phone line first.

First Utility – offering multiple speeds. If you need a new line then it’s worth asking them up-front if they can provide this.

Plusnet – they offer good fibre broadband speeds and are well known for their great customer service.

Post Office Broadband – Offering pay as you go calls the Post Office offers an average speed. You do need a phone line from them though so that’s something to keep in mind.

Sky – For Sky broadband, you will need a phone line with them. They do offer pay as you go calls with their higher packages though.

SSE – they don’t offer just broadband deals. They do offer different speeds but you will need a phone line with them so check before you agree.

TalkTalk – No need to have a pay as you go call option. They do want you to have a phone line/pay rental with them though.

Virgin Media – offers you loads of options and speeds. They do offer truly broadband-only but you still need a phone line which includes rental.

Vodafone – you will need a home phone package with Vodafone.

How to get the cheapest unlimited broadband

We all want the best deal especially when our offer ends. Here are 7 ways to make sure that you get the best broadband deal for you.


You don’t have to wait in till your broadband deal is up! Get on the phone and talk to your existing provider first

If you’re fed up with paying too much for your broadband then haggling is the way to go. It may feel weird or strange thinking about hagging with a big provider but they are used to it and have wiggle room to offer money off!

Think about it like this. Most people already have a provider and trying to keep your customers is key so competition is fierce. Use it to your advantage.

Start by calling up and ask for a better deal. Research if a competitor is cheaper and compare deals, Tell them straight that you’re paying too much. If they don’t wiggle and you KNOW that you can get a better deal then tell them you want to leave.

Remember that if you do this you may have to follow through so only do this if you mean it. Once you’ve said those magic words normally you’ll get through to someone who really can give you the best deal. It’s worth doing. While it may take you an hour on the phone think of the rewards.

Internet speed

It’s no point paying for fibre optic broadband if you don’t use it. Think about your internet usage and what the family uses it for.

If you’re gaming and streaming daily then you may need a higher package.

If you’re just looking at social media or web pages then you may need.

The question is, how important is speed to you?

Unlimited broadband vs limited

Most packages are indeed unlimited but some are still capped. Like above it comes down to if you need unlimited or not. If you don’t need it then it would be worth going for a capped package that could save you some money each month.

Landline charges

If you do switch or change provider then find out of they have any landline charges. Most want you to have a landline with them so it may cost more to move in the long run.

Bundle deals

Sometimes these can save you money. You may get months free anytime deals or first-year offers. The more you take out with one provider the cheaper the service normally is.

It’s still worth comparing broadband deals and working out if it is cheaper in the long term.

Always compare

Using a site like can help you quickly find the best deals for you. Just enter your postcode and it brings them up including a monthly cost.

It gives you a great starting point price-wise.

Cashback sites

Whenever you’re looking to switch always check out the cashback websites first.

Using a cashback website every time you shop online is a great way to make money on items you where going to buy anyway. From grocery shopping to insurance to household bills!

Search for what you need and buy it through a cashback site and you’ll get back a percentage of what you spend.

Top Tip: Don’t leave your money sat there. As soon as you hit the threshold, cash it out.

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We hope that this has helped to explain the unlimited broadband packages a bit more and saves you some money.

Laura x

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