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Celebrate Your Seder Custom with Pesach Seder Plate

Celebrate Your Seder Custom with Pesach Seder Plate

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There is a ritual feast in Jewish tradition called Seder. The purpose of this ritual is to celebrate freedom. This celebration includes multiple customs such as drinking four-cup wine, eating symbolic foods, and storytelling. Isn’t it beautiful to spend time with friends and family and discuss religious stories over drinks and food? Eachcultural custom has a certain significance in Jewish tradition. However, the most interesting custom of this celebration is the eating of symbolic foods including matza whichis served through the Pesach Seder Plate.

The Pesach or Passover Seder plates are historically significant to serve symbolic foods. During eating these foods, Jewish people also discuss the stories of Exodus. The Exodus is about the journey to Israelites’ liberty from slavery in ancient Egypt. The younger members of the family often learn these stories from the elder persons.

Foods on the Pesach Seder Plate:

The ritual meal includes six symbolic food and three matzos. To serve these traditional foods, Jewish people use the Pesach Seder plate.

Chazeret and Maror:

This food reminds the bitterness of slavery in ancient Egypt. Due to the bitter taste, this food takes place on the Pesach Seder plate.


This is a vegetable that symbolically refers to hope. Before serving this food, the Jewish ritual is to preserve this food in saltwater. After the Kiddush recitation, Jewish people start their meal with this food.


Beitzah is a roasted egg that symbolically refers to the festival sacrifice.


In order to refer to the bricks of Egyptian pyramids, this food takes place on the plate. This food is a combination of red wine, apples, and nuts.


The roasted bone of a lamb is known as Zeoroah and refers to the sacrifice of a lamb.

Three Matzot:

Apart from the six symbolic foods, three pieces of matzot also take place on the plate during the Seder feast. This flat-shaped bread indicates the blessing over bread.

The Features of Pesach Seder Plate:

There are six distinct sections on the Pesach Seder plate to serve the six symbolic foods. This unique design of the plate reflects the Jewish tradition of the Seder celebration. However, you will find the various decorative designs on the plates. Even though different types of seder plates are available in the market, all the plates include six separated sections. Manufacturers also consider the taste of Jewish people to designing the plates. Pesach Seder plates are also available in different materials.

How to Purchase the Plates?

Visiting online shops is the best way to purchase the Pesach Seder plates. This is because online shops offer various options for the plates. Using your smartphone or computer, anyone can easily place the orders and receive the delivery of the plates. More importantly, you can compare the price, stocks, and reputations of the different online stores. Several online stores also offer seasonal and occasional discounts on the products. Above all, online purchasing is more convenient than purchasing from physical stores and it eliminates the need for visiting the stores physically.

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