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Buying Your First Car: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

Buying Your First Car: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

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Passing your driving test can feel like a weight off your shoulders. All those weeks and months of driving lessons and completing your theory have led to the moment the driving examiner informs you that you have passed.

The 47.1% of individuals passing their driving test this year will likely celebrate the achievement of passing and being able to drive independently. After the celebrations have dwindled, the next exciting step is finding yourself your first car. Buying your first car is momentous, but it can be daunting. Keep some of these tips in mind as you search for your first car.

Establish Your Budget

Before you begin to scour online and visit car showrooms for your first car, consider what your budget is. See how much you have and what you are willing to spend on a car. If you have a choice of car model and make in mind, look at the average costs for that car. Compare it to what you currently have available to spend and see if you can afford it or if you need to save a bit more.

For those that do not have a preference, establishing a budget allows you to refine your search for cars you can afford. If you have specific requirements you want your car to have, you can include those in your search filters to further help refine the results shown.

Consider Insurance

The cost of the car is not the only expense to consider. Insuring your car can be costly. Your age can influence how much insurance could be. Young drivers who have recently past their test will often have higher insurance quotes than those that are older and have passed their test. When finding insurance, compare all available options to find the best quote on the market.

Look to see if the cost of insurance changes if you register your parent or partner on your insurance. Sometimes, this can alter the cost of insurance, occasionally helping to lower the costs. Another influencing factor on insurance costs is the make and model of your car. More luxury vehicles often come with high insurance quotes. When searching for what car to buy, remember that your choice will affect what you will pay for insurance.

Choose Between Old Or New Cars

Another decision to make when buying your first car is whether to buy a new or an old second-hand car. More recent cars come with a higher price tag and insurance to match. However, there is a status that comes with having a new car which is what many desire to have. If this is something that your budget can afford, you might choose to invest in a new car.

For those with smaller budgets, you can get the newer models of cars second-hand. The noticeable difference is the cost of these second-hand models. You can invest in a car that looks like it is a new car that has barely been used but at the price of a second-hand car.

Personalising Your Car

Before you even get your car, you might consider how you can personalise it. One thing you might consider is choosing a car of your favourite colour or a colour that you think best suits the car. Other personalisation could be to the interiors, such as choice of air freshener or seat coverings.

Whether you choose an old or a new car, consider the number plate for your selected vehicle. You could head to Click4Reg to get a personalised number plate for your car. Investing in a private number plate is a simple and effective way to personalise your car.

Go Automatic Or Manual

Whether or not you should get an automatic or manual depends on the type of car you drive. If you have learned to drive in a manual car, you might choose your first car to be manual as that is what you are familiar with driving. However, you also have the choice of automatic, which is the only choice those who learned to drive with an automatic have.

Automatic cars are a little easier to drive than manual ones. Of course, deciding which to drive depends on your preference. Your budget might also influence your choice of cars, as some automatics can come with a slightly higher price tag.

In Summary

As you begin your search for your first car, keep some of these tips in mind. Some of them could help you in your search for finding your first car. If you have friends or family that know a lot about cars and what a good deal looks like, utilise their knowledge. Send them options you have found and take them with you to view cars. Having this support could help you in your search for your first car. Before you know it, you will be out on the open road enjoying the independence of having your own car.

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