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Best Jobs For Single Moms: Finding Fulfillment and Financial Stability

Best Jobs For Single Moms: Finding Fulfillment and Financial Stability

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Have you felt unfulfilled and bored as a single mom? Did you shame yourself at least once for leaving your kids behind because of your demanding job? Well, you’re not alone. Many mothers around the world feel the same way. 

Yet, they’ve reached happiness and serenity after finding a good position with flexible hours. That’s right; you no longer have to ignore your family for a stable salary. Best books for single moms have a lot of tips and examples from life on how not to break down when you are alone with your own problems, but to be confident and move forward. In 2023, single moms can easily earn money and provide for the family, all while spending time with their children. 

Let’s unpack how to find the best careers for moms and earn a living.

What Are The Signs Of Good Jobs For Single Moms?

Before starting a new career, it’s essential to understand what you’re looking for. In reality, all moms deserve an excellent position. When searching for the best jobs for single moms, your standards should be higher than usual. Then, what criteria should single mom jobs from home fit?

Good Pay

First and foremost, your new job should pay you enough. Of course, the salary you’re looking for will depend on your lifestyle, demands, and number of children. Don’t forget the minimum, however – $20 per hour. After gaining experience, your pay will grow accordingly, letting you work fewer hours. 

Flexible Schedule

For a single mom, flexibility is another high-priority question. There’s always something you need to take care of: cooking and cleaning, bonding with your children, visiting family, and so on. But with flexible jobs for moms, nothing will stand in the way of earning good money. At the same time, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your kids.

Fair Boss

Some workers are too used to the terrible treatment at the workplace. Sadly, you won’t be able to feel safe and protected without a fair boss. All careers for single moms should be appropriate to let them improve and fully engage in the working process. 

Interesting Work

Of course, flexibility, high pay, and a good boss are not always enough for a fulfilling career. The tasks given to you should be interesting, too! Captivating duties are essential for a single mom who works, or she will reach a point of burnout a lot earlier than expected.

Remote Work

All best at-home jobs for moms should be at least a hybrid between remote and onsite. In the end, being completely isolated would be perfect. First of all, you don’t have to spend extra time commuting. Secondly, there are no additional expenses like lunch, coffee, public transport, or fuel. 

Opportunity To Grow

When it comes to jobs for single mothers, climbing a career ladder is just as important as any other worker. Your job should provide you with an opportunity to grow. Not only will it entice you to take up new challenges, but it will also keep you inspired and motivated along the way.

Best Careers For Single Moms

Now, we’re ready to dive deeper into the career list. So, what are the best jobs to have as a single mother? Thankfully, there are a lot of options. All those careers are flexible, challenging, and enjoyable. You’ll start earning fast if you have the required skills and certifications!


Have you been keeping an impressive business idea to yourself? It may be time to take the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. While it’s not an easy hustle to start and grow, opening your own business can earn you more than enough money to raise your kids – all while you’re building your schedule. Not to mention that entrepreneurs can easily find new friends with the same interests and feel more empowered as businesswomen. Annual salary: $50,000-$100,000


Entrepreneurship is just one of the high-paying single moms working from home jobs. Bookkeeping is perfect for moms that are responsible, accurate at counting, and can pay attention to detail. Bookkeepers work with financial documentation, taxes, and reports. Most bookkeeping jobs are fully remote. You don’t even have to earn a degree or take on courses, as many employers will happily teach you all additional skills. Post-secondary education is welcome if you’d like to make more right away. Annual salary: $30,000-$60,000

Child Care Provider 

Good jobs for single moms include… child care! It seems like an obvious variant since all single moms already know how to take care of kids. And while it’s not always a work-from-home gig, you can become a childcare provider without any official experience in your resume. Start by joining single-parent groups and recommending yourself to other single moms. In no time, you’ll be able to help others with a similar problem while earning cash. Maybe your child will also find new friends! Annual salary: $25,000-$50,000

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinator helps companies and businesses understand their audience, conduct various customer research, develop marketing campaigns, and promote their services. Since you can do it from home, it’s one of the perfect jobs for single moms without daycare. On the other hand, you need to possess some exceptional skills to be a good fit for the role. You must pay close attention to detail and know enough about SEO practices and your company’s customer base. Annual salary: $35,000-$73,000

Hairdresser Or Makeup Artist

Given you have a spare room in your home, you can turn it into a personal studio. That’s how you shift from a single mom into a hairdresser or a makeup artist! It’ll take you some time to invest in professional tools and makeup products and gain more experience. But this occupation will motivate you to grow professionally, build your brand, and earn more every year.  Annual salary: $25,000-$150,000

Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

Some jobs we described above require a degree or at least some experience. Don’t fret, though! There are a lot more careers you can build without a degree. You can choose a suitable occupation depending on your skills and finally earn a living as a single mom without boundaries.

A Real Estate Agent

This is hands down the best job for a single mom. Real estate agents don’t have to earn a degree to start working. Instead, they can pass a state exam and be qualified to fulfill their duties. Real estate agents help to buy and sell houses, apartments, land, and commercial property. In addition, they can become small business owners or choose to work for a brokerage firm. The main tasks real estate agents take up are promoting your services, communicating with clients, and researching the real estate market. Annual salary: $50,000-$190,000

Sales Representative

If you thought a work-from-home single mom couldn’t be a sales representative, you’re wrong. In 2023, this career can be quickly executed remotely. All you need to do is be able to research your customer base and communicate with potential buyers. The result of their work is high sales for the company. So, if you think you can handle messaging or calling customers, enticing them to buy certain products, and keeping track of invoices – a salesperson is your perfect job. Annual salary: $36,000-$140,000

Massage Therapist

Jobs for single moms at home, like massage therapy, require more effort. Yet, they pay off a lot more, too. To become a massage therapist, you must take courses and acquire a license. Only after successfully passing an exam can you start treating clients. There’s a huge perk to being one – a masseuse can base their studio at home! That’ll let you save on studio rent and work independently, earning more and regulating your schedule. Annual salary: $30,000-$97,000

Fill Out Surveys

If you’re looking for a quick side hustle and not willing to take up a full-time job, we have an option for you, too. Year by year, surveys have proven to be a perfect occupation for single moms, students, and others. You can easily share your opinions online, broaden your resume, and help businesses while earning a buck. Setting up an account to start answering takes up less than 10 minutes. Annual salary: $20,000-$85,000

Personal Shopper

Single-mom stays-at-home jobs don’t have to be boring. Given you love shopping and have experience styling yourself and your friends, try becoming a personal shopper! Although personal shoppers primarily work in retail stores and boutiques, styling customers and taking orders for them is possible online, too. You’ll be responsible for helping customers pick clothes, shoes, and accessories through emails, messengers, or calls. In addition, you’ll place orders and assist customers with purchases and delivery. Annual salary: $46,000-$84,000

Social Media Manager

Are you good at communicating with customers and building a social media presence? Then you can try your skills in practice and become a social media manager. Moms can efficiently work from home as they login into corporate social media accounts and schedule various blog posts, photos, and video content. In addition to that, social media managers respond to messages and comments, as well as handle customer feedback. You’re on another level if you research professional networks and initiate brand partnerships! Annual salary: $36,000-$91,000


Mothers that can afford daycare can work full-time 9-5 jobs, too. That’s why single mom careers include becoming a barista. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy making coffee for compensation? Gifting people a smile with each cup of coffee in the morning is incredible. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at brewing a cup of joe, though. Most coffee shops will happily teach you how to use a coffee machine and froth the milk before you work your first full-day shift.  Annual salary: $23,000-$45,000

Party Planner

As a party planner, you’ll be responsible for helping your customers plan the best events. Things like making calls, setting up appointments, finding venues, inviting guests, hiring various services, and creating floor plans will be in your hands. Although this occupation can be overwhelming for some, others will bask in the creative freedom provided for party planners. Moreover, party planners can easily mix remote and onsite work. You don’t need a degree; only good attention to detail and multitasking skills matter. Annual salary: $13,500- $79,500

Yoga Instructor

While some people prefer to train onsite, online jobs for single moms include yoga instructions. If you’re a physical activity and meditation fan, you can complete a certification process and become a professional yoga instructor. It depends on the type of yoga you’ll teach, but most lessons include anatomy and physiology, main yoga techniques, and yoga history. Afterward, single mothers can work in yoga studios, fitness centers, and from home, through Zoom or Skype. Annual salary: $41,000-$147,000


Anyone can take pictures nowadays, and you don’t even need a professional camera. That’s why photography is one of the best part-time jobs for single moms looking to express their creativity. As a photographer, you can move in many different directions! This includes wedding photos, portraits, stock photography, food photos, themed photoshoots, and more. The workplaces vary, too, from stock photo studios to fashion magazines. Having additional Photoshop skills is a significant advantage for a photographer. Annual salary: $18,000-$113,000

Interior Designer

States have different requirements, but you don’t typically need a degree to become an interior designer. Interior designers work with clients to renovate their living space or create a new home project from scratch. That’s why single moms who want to become one must have good taste. You’ll also have to research the market for the latest trends constantly. Interior designers collaborate with professionals like engineers, architects, and others. Annual salary: $40,000-$107,500

Affiliate Marketing

Is creating content your passion? Are you dreaming of becoming a known social media persona? Then, you can develop your brand and quickly earn a living as an affiliate. Single moms can partner with various platforms and promote products and services to their audiences. When someone purchases a product through a dedicated link or your code, you get a commission as an affiliate marketer. This is just a percentage and depends on the company or product you’re promoting. Annual salary: $58,000-$158,000

Work-From-Home Jobs For Single Moms

If a single mom needs a job, she is usually looking for remote positions. It makes sense since you’d want to be there for your children as much as possible as a single parent. Fortunately, there are many careers you can take up from home to earn a good salary.


Blogging is a straightforward gig at first. Yet, bloggers always work full-time. They research ideas, come up with new topics and pitch blog posts. In addition, bloggers build their social media persona, write articles, create a blog visual, and promote their content. It’s one of the best stay-at-home jobs for single moms, though, as bloggers can make a living by writing about their hobbies and interests! Prominent bloggers also have a chance to partner with known brands and companies. 

Annual salary: $25,000-$82,000


Similar to blogging, proofreaders also work with text. Instead of pitching ideas and writing blog posts, they check the text for any things that need to be corrected. That’s why proofreaders must pay attention to detail and understand English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Most proofreaders also work with different formatting. They check if the provided text fits the formatting rules, including lists, headings, document dates, etc. Proofreaders can efficiently work for a company or as a freelancer. 

Annual salary: $30,500-$89,500


If you’re interested in the highest-paying jobs for single moms, then look at programming. While you can only work as a programmer with programming skills, consider taking courses or a field degree to earn more. Programmers write code that helps software operate according to its task. Furthermore, professionals in this niche develop possible coding solutions and updates to assist the software products. Good programmers are fluent in various programming languages. 

Annual salary: $32,000 – $106,500

Graphic Designer

Are you interested in aesthetic and creative endeavors? As a single mom, you can work remotely in the graphic design niche. Graphic designers can work with any possible business on the market. Their responsibilities range from creating visual text and imagery to pitching website design and working on product design. Most workers also test what they develop. Communication is a big part of that occupation as they collaborate with companies and copywriters daily. 

Annual salary: $33,500-$94,000

Copywriter/Freelance Writer

Copywriting is one of the most accessible remote jobs for single moms. With copywriting, you get a completely flexible schedule and the possibility to work for yourself. You should be ready to communicate daily with your customers and deliver projects on the deadline. Copywriting doesn’t require a degree. Yet, professional writers always pay great attention to details and know how to format their work according to the customer’s demands. If you have good grammar, punctuation, and spelling knowledge, try becoming a freelance writer. 

Annual salary: $39,500-$91,000

Content Manager

Given you’ve grown out of simply writing text and want to dive deeper into the content niche, take a closer look at content management. Apart from writing content like copywriters, content managers take it a step further and work closer with the market. They research the latest trends, customer base, audit content, and brand identity. They know SEO tools and digital marketing approaches and always work in a team. Content managers develop and report a content strategy for the company.

Annual salary: $41,000-$106,000

Customer Service Chat Jobs

Being a customer service chat worker is challenging, and it’ll always keep you climbing the career ladder. It’s one of the best jobs for single moms with no qualifications since companies are willing to teach their customer service team members everything they need to know to start. These employees interact with customers online, so you only need a laptop or PC and good communication skills. You’ll be providing customers with solutions to their problems and thus generating good feedback for the company.

Annual salary: $35,500-$103,000


Good knowledge and skills left over after college and university can be rewarded, too. For example, you could tutor other people! Not to mention, tutoring platforms are the most supportive and best companies for single moms. As a tutor, you can help your students full-time and prepare them for tests and exams. You’ll be responsible for creating corresponding curriculums, explaining various concepts to students, coming up with tests and tasks, and reviewing the results afterward.

Annual salary: $34,500-$79,000

Travel Consultant

Most travel consultants work for travel companies and provide any possible support to the customers. That includes studying the customer’s wishes and possibilities, offering them suitable travel packages, organizing the traveling routine, buying plane tickets, booking hotels and apartments, choosing and arranging transportation options, etc. Travel consultants have to face and deal with unforeseen issues and communicate daily with various businesses. So, you have to be ready to work unfixed hours and pick up work calls at all times. 

Annual salary: $50,000-$116,000

Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative is similar to being a customer service chat worker, but representatives handle many more social interactions. Since they’re not only on the Internet, some employees connect to customers through calls and solve their problems in real time. Customer service representatives provide customers with additional information and respond to product-related questions. Some of them are also responsible for taking and processing orders by phone and online and canceling non-eligible orders.

Annual salary: $35,500-$103,000

Virtual Assistant

Jobs for moms with no babysitter include virtual assistance. Virtual assistants are fully self-employed and work remotely. Moreover, their schedule is flexible and easy to manage. These professionals collaborate with companies or individuals to assist them in organizing events, meetings, calls, and other business-related questions. Nowadays, virtual assistants also help with social media pages and internet branding. So, being acquainted with the most popular social media networks is a significant advantage for a virtual assistant. Annual salary: $51,000-133,000

How To Work As A Single Mom Without Help?

If you’ve already picked a future career as a single mom, you should also know how to combine work and childcare successfully. The truth is not all mothers have family members willing to help them. Remote opportunities and a flexible schedule are two main pillars for single mothers. In addition, try to hire a babysitter, contact government assistance programs or join local single-parent groups when you need to leave your children unattended.

For example, Angela Milnes from The Inspiration Edit was a single mother for 5 years. She studied early years education and was able to work in childcare full time and take her daughter to work with her daily. Working in childcare is a great job option for single moms as you can take any kids that are too young for school to work with you.

Single Mother Statistics


Almost 80% of 10.89 million single-parent families are headed by mothers. Many have searched “jobs for single moms near me,” as 20.8% of mothers spent a whole year unemployed. 9.2% of mothers didn’t even have health insurance. That only proves that single moms need more high-paying jobs, as they can’t afford health insurance for their families.

Income-working single mom

Sadly, a whopping 31.3% of single moms live in poverty, unable to fully support their children. That’s a third of all single-parent homes! Almost the same amount of families, 24.3%, were food insecure. Nearly half of single moms, 45.4%, received food stamps for their families. 

Faqs About Careers And Single-Mom Jobs

How Do I Get A Job As A Single Mom?

Many women wonder how to work as a single mom and earn a living without shame. Instead of focusing on your status, try to develop your skills and market yourself as a responsible employee with impressive time management skills.

What Is The Best Job For Single Mothers?

There are many good career paths for single mothers, and yours will depend on your skills and interests. Your job should have a flexible schedule and allow you to work from home. It should also motivate you to grow.

How Can You Succeed At Your Job As A Single Parent?

Make sure you pay close attention to your tasks and responsibilities. Stay focused on your career path; keep moving forward and perfecting your skills. 

How Can A Single Mom Work Full-Time?

Given your job demands you to work full-time, you can still choose a position with a semi-flexible schedule. Single moms working full time have the option to select a remote job. Others can ask for help or hire a babysitter.

Single moms can feel a strain when searching for work. They must find time for their children while making enough money to support the family. Yet, many single-mom jobs are waiting for mothers in need. 

There’s a job for every mom, regardless of what your interests and skills are. My occupations range from a virtual assistant and programmer to a yoga instructor and tutor. Your career should be flexible and remote, letting you spend enough time with your kids. It should also challenge you to grow and expand your working experience. 

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