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Best Buys for Little Birthdays – For All Those Friends Your Toddler Has!

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Since becoming a mum I have been lucky enough to make some great mummy friends, but with mummy friends comes lots of little birthday’s to remember and to buy presents for.

Yes we all know we don’t have to buy presents but when they have given your child a birthday present that is really lovely and well played with, I know I want to reciprocate with something that is equally as lovely. However, now that I am a mummy of two and in the middle of my second maternity leave money is tight, so getting presents on a shoe string has become essential.

Most of my mummy friends I made through the NCT so all the toddlers have birthdays at the same time of year.

Here is a few ideas for presents £5 or under that have loads of play value and will be loved by the birthday boy/girl!

Crayons and a colouring book >>> <<<
colouring, present, bing
These are £1.99 each so £3.98 together. Perfect for little fingers practising mark making with easy to hold crayons and a colouring book with familiar characters.

Play-Doh >>> <<<
play-doh, creative,
This lovely set is only £3.49 and comes with 6 colours and 2 shape cutters. If you know your friend’s little one has lots of play doh already there are loads of cutters and tools you could buy to add to their collections and most are under a fiver.

Ravensburger 4 in a box puzzles >>> <<<

puzzle, paw patrol, ravensburger
Ravensburger do loads of these 4 in one puzzles with almost every character you could think of, from Thomas to Stickman, from Teletubbies to Lion Guard. They are normally just over a fiver at £5.99 but they are usually on offer somewhere. This Paw Patrol one is currently £4.50!

Best Buys for Little Birthdays - For All Those Friends Your Toddler Has!                                           

                                                                Bubble Making Gun >>><<<
bubbles, bubble making gun,

Who doesn’t love a bubble gun? And this one lights up! Only £3.88 and with free delivery. Perfect now that summer is coming and can be used by toddlers with minimal parent input (once it is set up).

 Musical Set >>> <<<
music, instrument, music set
Musical instruments are always a firm favourite with little ones – not so with their parents! Make sure you only get these for children who have their birthday after our little ones. This set is £4.99 but does come with lots of designs so if princess isn’t your thing there are others out there!

My first Duplo >>><<<
duplo, lego, preschool
This first Lego Duplo set is perfect for any preschooler. For only £3.99, this set will make a great addition or stand alone. As with all great Lego sets it can be put together in a number of different ways. It is also available in different designs.

Back Pack >>><<<
pack back, rucsack, kids, children
A back pack is a great idea for a toddler. If they are anything like mine they will love putting things in and out and carrying anything and everything they can get into them! This back pack is only £4.99 and there are loads of different designs.

Finding gifts for all those toddler birthday parties is a challenge, especially when you are on a budget. Hopefully these have given you some ideas that will help!

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