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Adding Extra Lighting in Your Home: 6 Ideas for Modern Homeowners

<strong>Adding Extra Lighting in Your Home: 6 Ideas for Modern Homeowners</strong>

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We rely on light to survive in the modern world. After all, it does govern our sleep patterns, sway our work schedules, and help improve our mental health. It’s not just the functional benefits of lighting – it’s a great way to create moods for relaxation, date nights, and much more. With light being so integral to our daily lives, there’s no wonder people are looking for ways to improve the lighting in their homes, and when the lighting goes people call an electrician malvern (or from their local area) promptly. Below, we take a look at the different types of lighting, as well as six lighting ideas for modern homeowners. 

Adding Accents

Accent lighting is designed to bring focus to a particular area or object. For example, you may have a shelf full of ornaments, which you can install track lighting behind to draw people’s attention. Also, people add overhead lights above paintings or wall art to make them stand out. 

Task Lighting

With many businesses offering remote or hybrid employment, people are looking to increase their lighting to facilitate working from home. Whenever you’re carrying out a close-range task, like reading or writing, you’ll need lights that put your work front and centre. The best way to use task lighting is with contrasts. For example, a high-beam lamp will be much more effective in a darkened room. Whereas, if you’ve got bright light all around, it can have a negative impact. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is the primary source of light for many rooms. As well as providing functional light, ambient light blankets a room with a warming glow, making it feel much more inviting. There are different ways to achieve ambient lighting including wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, recessed lights, and track lighting. 

After choosing the type of light, you need to consider placement and the right look to finish a room with. If you need to alter existing light fixture locations, you can easily search for electricians near me by following the link. It’s important to hire qualified electricians near me because any new electrical work will need to follow UK Building Regulations. 

Hanging Lamps

Hanging lights are a stable of modern lighting. They come in countless different styles and illuminate a room easily. If you’re trying to brighten up the kitchen, hanging lamps are the perfect choice for placing above kitchen counters and tables. You can have practically any colour you can think of, and they come in glass, metal, bamboo, and wood. 

Galaxy Lights

Over the last year, galaxy lighting has been trending, and with good reason. Unconventional lighting methods are a great way to modernise your home. There are so many different types of galaxy light – you’ll just need to explore to find one that suits your personality. Having a galaxy light in the bedroom is a fantastic way to feel relaxed in the evening and have a good night’s sleep. 

Geometric Lights

Table lamps are a great way to improve the lighting in your home, but there’s no need to stick with boring. Instead, give geometric lamps a try or have a geometric sconce installed on the wall. By using 3D prisms, ovals, circles, and hexagons, geometric lighting will help subtly modernise your home. 

Colourful Lights

Some people associate modern lighting with neutral colours, but there’s plenty of room for mood-lifting colour palettes. As well as boosting the available light, a coloured source will bring around a positive mood, which is a bonus. In 2022, the best way to incorporate colourful lighting is to use smart lights, which you can control with your voice or from a smartphone. 

String Lights

String lighting is often associated with the garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it indoors. If you have a dining table and you’re planning the ultimate date night, string lights are the perfect way to create a romantic mood. There’s no limit when it comes to string lights, with so many different shapes, styles, and colours to choose from. 

Quirky Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in different shapes and styles, from fluffy feathered balls to glass-hanging charms. No matter what style you’re trying to bring into your modern home, there’s a chandelier that will suit your look. Over other lighting options, there’s something much more superior about having a chandelier, meaning it’ll easily draw visitors’ attention. The perfect rooms for a chandelier are the living room and kitchen – especially over central islands and tables. 

Take Away

Understanding the three different types of lighting allows you to decide how best to increase the light in your home. There are many different styles you can follow, or you can break free and bring in unique blends of light styles. Remember, if you’re having new electrical wiring completed, you’ll need to hire an electrician or have the work certified by a licenced professional. 

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