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A List Of Things Every True Fashion Lover Has In Their Closet

A List Of Things Every True Fashion Lover Has In Their Closet

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Fashion could be defined as life; you live it. You are what you wear. Your fashion taste carries a thousand words describing and speaking for you effortlessly, either positively or negatively. This ball is in your court to play as you decide what kind of statement your fashion taste makes about you. This article has in it several things you should own as a true fashion lover. When assembled carefully with your appearance as a primary goal, these items are affordable, weather and climate-friendly, fashion-savvy, and should be referenced irrespective of gender, age, and social status.

What Makes You A Good Fashionista?

As complex as this question may seem, the simple answer is “how intentional you are.” Being intentional about your outfit cannot be overemphasized. Placing the weather, event, and look you are trying to achieve will make your outfit choice better. The following include essentials that a true fashionista should possess:

Button-Down shirts

Long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-downs will never be a bad idea. Whether worn in a formal or informal setting, it is always a sight to behold. It has a great range and can serve as anything you want it to be. You could tie it and make a crop top, let it hang over your shoulder, pair it with a pantsuit, play with the edges to create a shirt dress. This all-rounder can be styled in numerous ways, and whenever you get bored of wearing it, either way, the Thread Curve has a lot of creative ideas that you could try out and not regret. Up your game, a true fashionista is daring and tries out new things. Create your style; regular is boring.

Sparkling white shirt

This is a must-have! Greatly distinguished by its versatility and simplicity, you can never go wrong with a white shirt. Whether paired with jeans, tailored pants, or pencil skirts, a crisp white shirt will always create an impression. This theory has stood the test of time. Regardless of your profession, a white shirt is a go-to clothing article, anywhere, any day, any time. With your sleeves rolled up, worn long, and buttoned on the sleeve or with an amazing cufflink. You will make a statement.

Leather wristwatch

Did you need a soothsayer to tell you this accessory is timeless? The comfort that comes with it, how stylish and classy they look? The reasons to own one are countless. Proving to be a go-to accessory for formal occasions, it ends up matching your leather belt, which expresses how intentional you are with outfits, creating a different style. Leather straps rarely come undone, so you don’t have to check if your watch is on and have to buckle it over and over again, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Always have your links cuffed! This has proven to be a better option than buttons. Cufflinks do not only complete your shirt but also enhance your whole outfit. These are a must-have as they are super accessories that denote that you care and put effort into your looks, making you look elegant. You have various colors, shapes, and designs to pick from, and you shouldn’t sleep on that.

Ankle boots

These are very versatile foot wares. Timeless, forever hot, and classy. These shoes have proven to be a must-have. Whether worn on skinny jeans, midi dress, or pencil skirts, you are good to go. These shoes are a complete deal. Its flattering nature, how much it completes your looks, and the semi-formal look they have, you could wear either while on a date, an evening outing, or to the office. Whichever you opt for, your shoes are an amazing fit.

Denim Jacket

Denim on black or denim on denim? The choice is yours. Just ensure there is a contrast. Coming in various colors like edgy black, classic blue, and grey, you could choose to rock with skinny jeans and sneakers or pair it with chinos, an oxford shirt, and loafers to give you that classy yet casual look. Easy to clean and maintain, you have nothing to worry about as it could warm you up while cold, and you could hang on your hand when the weather is hot effortlessly.

Black Trousers

We all have that pair of black trousers that comes through every time for every event. Chinos or denim, straight or flair, the importance cannot be ignored as it could serve as office wear, evening outfit, or for anything at all. It always comes through as it matches every color that there is.


Smelling good is good business. This is the ultimate fashion accessory. More often than not, we associate a smell with people. You wouldn’t want to look like you popped out of the cover of a magazine and smell like sewage. A great-smelling yet mild cologne will leave a lifelong impression.

Fashion evolves, and so do we. Picking a nitch and sticking to it seems cool, but going outside the box sometimes is cooler. Be daring, intentional, and creative with your wardrobe. It is worth the stress. You are what you wear.

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