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8 Ways To Get Rid of Centipedes In Home

8 Ways To Get Rid of Centipedes In Home

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Seeing a house centipede crawling inside the cracks of the kitchen cabinets or baseboard in the home can increase anxiety. Nobody wants these multi-legged worms at home and spread diseases amongst the family members. Their bite can be dangerous for everyone, especially babies, or people with allergies. Don’t worry, this article will shed some light on the ways to get rid of centipedes.

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes In Home?

You can find these unwelcome worms inside the firewood pile and under rocks in the yard and even in piles of leaves. You can find these pests in your garage, basement, and bathrooms. So, here are some of the things that can help you get rid of them in your home:

1. Seal Cracks 

As centipedes are small creatures, they can enter the home through any hole, gap, or crack between the walls. So, if you see any open holes, gaps, or cracks in walls or doors, you should fix them at the earliest. It will help avoid any risk of the creatures entering your home. 

2. Keep The House Clean 

Ensure that you clean the piles of dead leaves from the garden, and don’t leave any garbage open outside the home. As these creatures love dark and damp areas, you should be careful to keep the surroundings clean. 

One place that you shouldn’t miss is the blockage drain. If you don’t clean the drain pipes properly, it can be another invitation for the pests to grow and crawl down inside your house. 

3. Salt 

Salt is a natural remedy that can help to keep these small creatures away from your home. You should sprinkle some salt around the areas which have moisture and wall cracks or open spaces to restrict them from coming inside your home. 

If there are pets in your home, you can sprinkle salt around their food containers. However, don’t let your pets consume it. 

4. Lemongrass 

Lemongrass is one of the things that can help in keeping away the centipedes from your home. Keep some leaves in areas where these pests can enter your home to prevent them from entering and settling down in your home. You can even take the help of the spray products available in the supermarts to keep these worms away from your property. Not only will keeping lemongrass prevent worms infestation but also prevent common basement bugs infestation. 

5. Keep Mothballs Around The House 

One of the things that you can do to keep the centipedes away is to keep the mothballs around the house. Not only keeping mothballs is a way to prevent any kind of worms infestation but it also helps in preventing other worms and basement bugs in your property. They can be poisonous to pests but can help in decreasing the infestation. 

6. Take The Help Of Essential Oil 

Centipedes are really sensitive to the smell of essential oil and won’t enter a place that has a strong scent of it. You should put a few drops of essential oil near the windows, or any entryways. They will help to keep these small creatures away from your home. 

7. Call A Professional 

You must choose to go to a professional like Critter Stop Pest Control if there’s a major centipede infestation in your house. Some pest control companies use natural ways to prevent centipedes coming inside your home . They take extra precautions while handling the whole procedure so that it’s safe for all the family members. 

Hiring a professional pest control company will not only help you keep the centipedes away but also help in reducing their infestation. Also, if you want to know how much pest control costs, you can get a quote from the pest control companies and select the well-suited plan.

8. Eliminate Any Food Source 

Food sources are a common attraction for different pests, including centipedes. So, you should ensure to eliminate any kind of food source which is easily accessible to the pests. Don’t keep any fruit peels or food unopened which can be an invitation for the bugs to come to your home.

These are some of the ways through which you can get rid of centipedes in your home. Don’t miss getting rid of insect infestations that these creatures can feed on. Use of pesticides will fix the situation for the time being, but you will need to ensure to follow proper precautions to keep the pests away for a longer time. 

Final Words 

Centipedes are basement worms that can infest your home and be a threat to family members. That is why you should be careful and follow the above ways to get rid of the bugs inside your home. Also, if you want to protect your home from a severe infestation, you should go for a professional pest control service. 

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