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7 Ways to Save Money by Streaming

7 Ways to Save Money by Streaming

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We all enjoy streaming, but no one appreciates paying streaming charges significantly when they rise abruptly. There are ways you may apply to cut streaming charges if you are weary of seeing those subscription payments appear on your bill repeatedly. 

Examine the services you are subscribing to and how frequently you use them. For example, live sports streaming sites are generally more pricey than other platforms, so do not subscribe for an annual package if you only use it during football or baseball seasons. 

This requires some forethought and effort, but it could save you cash and simplify deciding what to stream. Unlike cable packages, it is simple to discontinue streaming services. Mentioned below are some of the most cost-effective ways to cut your bills while enjoying your favorite streaming media.

  1. Reduce the Resolution

Many streaming sites have multiple price categories, so you can typically save money by compromising a little quality and moving down a level or two. Netflix is a good demonstration of this: The Standard plan provides HD resolution, while the Premium tier provides Ultra HD. However, if you mostly stream on smartphones or do not care for resolution, the Basic plan can save you some bucks per month. 

Similar sites may operate similarly, with higher tiers providing higher resolution, additional content, or family packages. Downgrade to a lower-cost subscription if you do not need that in your streaming routine to save money!

  1. Seek Student Discounts

Were you aware that there are student discounts on various streaming platforms? You might not think about looking for it, but you will be astonished at how much money you can save. 

If you are a college student, keep an eye out for student discounts from Hulu and HBO. Student discounts are also available for YouTube Premium and related services.

  1. Jump from one Free Trial to the Next 

Free trials for streaming platforms usually last a week or so. That is more than enough time to catch up on your favorite shows or watch newer stuff you have wanted to see in our binge-watching culture. 

Terminating a streaming membership rarely carries a cost. Consumers can sign up, binge watch whatever they want, and then cancel. This technique allows you to jump between streaming platforms for free, watching whatever you want, then canceling and looking for a new series or additional content to pile up before resuming.

The disadvantage is that this technique does not succeed if you cannot binge watch, is not a particularly friendly approach for streaming with family, and does not work if new episodes are uploaded weekly. However, if you do not mind managing your time, you might be able to stream all you want for free.

Another technique to enjoy free streaming would be looking for free websites that allow watching free movies online. Streaming via these websites does not require any subscriptions, and you can watch whatever you want and whenever you want. 

  1. Look for a Good Carrier Offer 

Do not forget to look into significant carriers to check whether they have any present streaming service offers. When you come across a bargain that appeals to you, do some math to determine if you can save cash. Check if you can cancel a subscription, change your phone contract, or purchase a new gadget.

  1. Avoid Watching Live TV

Avoid paying for amenities like live TV, and instead, look for alternatives that accept payment on demand for specific live broadcasts. Unless you absolutely must watch live sports of your favorite sports league, live TV is seldom a requirement on streaming platforms.

  1. Keep a Bill-Tracking App 

 Payment tracking apps assist you in keeping track of your expenditures and memberships. They can also keep an eye out for any memberships you may be buying from your wallet without recognizing it and any unusual spikes in subscription rates. If you have used many streaming applications in the past, it might be worth getting bill tracker software to ensure you are not paying any unnecessary costs.

  1. Choose the Ideal Credit Card 

Some cards will reimburse you for broadcasting service charges in cash. There are a lot of terms and restrictions that apply to these credit cards. 

So, do your investigation and evaluate the savings of any existing credit cards you have to what you could earn with a new credit card and related cancellation fees. However, this could be a good method to save money on your premiums over time in the appropriate circumstances.


You can significantly reduce your monthly streaming subscription budget in the outlined ways. While each service is unique, and some offers may be more generous than others, you ought to be likely to save at least some dollars every month by using some of these alternatives.

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