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7 Ways to Celebrate 7 Years – The Savvy Way

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Today is my 7th wedding anniversary! At the risk of sounding like a cliché, I don’t know where the time has gone nor can I belive what we have done in that time. 4 pregnancies, 2 beautiful girls, 2 houses (not both at once), 4 cars (again not all at once), 6 different jobs to name just a few. So I feel it is important to celebrate in some way. However, I’m getting towards the end of my maternity leave so money is tight.

Traditionally, gifts of copper and wool are given for 7 years. We won’t be giving copper and wool gifts this year, as I can’t think of anything apart from a jumper and in May that will not be well received. We’ve never been big on gifts for anniversaries, except a bunch of flowers. Marking it in some way I think is more important – made even more important since having our daughters.

7 Ways to Celebrate 7 Years on a budget by Eleanor at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

Here are a few ideas of how you can celebrate on a budget.

1. Share 7 Defining Moments of Your Relationship

In 7 years we have done so much, it is nice to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened. The good and the bad! Like all families we’ve enjoyed laughs and loses, and each has added to our relationship. Taking a little time to share these was really lovely.

2. Go Out for Brunch Instead of Dinner

I love brunch but since having our eldest 3 years ago I can count with one finger the number times this has happened. Dinner is expensive and although it is nice going out in the evening, starting the day together is special too.

3. Get Rid of the Kids

Beg, borrow or kidnap a babysitter, ideally for the night but even for a few hours. Some time together is important for your relationship if you are going to make the next 7 years! Our first afternoon away from our daughter, we spent sorting out the spare room. We had just moved and there were boxes everywhere. It was just nice being ourselves again instead of mummy and daddy.

4. Go for an Old Fashioned Walk

When we first started going out I had just started my first job and was still living with three housemates. He was living in his parents house. Time together was sparse so we used to go for walks. It was nice just being away from others and spending time in each other’s company. We still like going for walks down the river or in the forest. And now we can bring the kids. We spend hours playing hide and seek, i-spy, running, collecting leaves, sticks and any number of other things.

5. Relive Firsts

Our first date was in Witherspoons of all places. But we love going back there, partly because it is cheap but mainly because it was our first date. Other firsts like first holiday, first kiss, wedding breakfast, first dance, are all great things to relive. Unfortunately we can’t go back to the place of our first kiss as it has now been knocked down!

6. Give Free Gifts to Celebrate

We have never done this as I seem to lack the imagination but this year funds have meant we are giving it a try. Creating free gifts for each other. It can be whatever we want so long as it is free. Many things have crossed my mind such as hand prints/foot prints of our girls, music cd, writing a love letter. I settled on making him his favourite cake – chocolate. They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

7. Some Things are Always Free!

We are lucky enough to have a child free night for our anniversary. I will say no more!

Having an anniversary on a budget can be a bit frustrating. However, it is not about expensive gifts or lavish nights out. In my opinion it is about two people finding time to spend together and remind themselves why they are married.

If you have any other ways of celebrating your anniversary on a budget please share them in the comments.

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