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7 Playground Rules to Teach Your Children

7 Playground Rules to Teach Your Children

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Every parent feels excited and waits for the day when their toddler would finally get to play in a playground with other children. While it sounds fun and a healthy way for them to socialize, playgrounds are chaotic and sometimes dangerous.

In fact, according to CDC statistics, about 200,000 children visit the emergency room every year due to playground-related injuries. So not to rain on your parade, but playgrounds are not 100% safe. Unless, of course, there are some playground rules put in place.

We have compiled a list of seven practical and easy-to-implement playground rules that will ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing while not compromising on their playtime. Let’s take a look, shall we?

No Walking Up the Slide

Children are curious beings, and they like to do whatever they feel like. So the one thing which can commonly be seen on any slide is a child trying to walk up the slide instead of using the ladder attached to it. One may never know why kids do that, and we all may have done it at some point. But it is best to put this rule in place to ensure the safety of your kids from slipping and injuring themselves walking up the slide.

Don’t Come Down the Slide Face Down.

Another slide rule is that every kid perceives a slide the way they like, leading to playing with it in odd ways. One is coming down the slide face down instead of sitting up. It is extremely dangerous given how your child can severely injure themselves with the impact of sliding downward and hitting face first. Therefore, it is best to tell them the dangers of doing this and forbid them from doing the same as a playground safety rule.

Swings Aren’t For Standing.

The best way to teach this rule to your kid is to get a kids’ swing set and teach them how to use it. Naturally, when they grow up using one thing and finally experience it at a playground with other children, they will know better. You can tell them that balancing yourself standing on a swing is difficult, and losing your balance would mean falling down and getting hurt.

Watch Out For the Swings When Near

Even if you are not on the swing but near a swing, you have to tell your kid to stay alert and cautious of their whereabouts. Other kids swinging on the swing can hit them, causing an injury to both kids on impact. It can be even more dangerous if the kid swinging falls off the swing. So it is better for everyone if your kid knows swing safety 101 and pays attention to where they are playing.

You Can’t Eat Sand

This one is just right up the negative ally. An absolute NO and prohibition on the part of every parent, no matter what. It shall also require the parents to pay attention to their kids when they take them to the playground. Playground sand is dirty, unhygienic, and simply disgusting for your child to eat. It can manifest into allergies, ailments, and diseases if ingested. Therefore, instruct your child that it is not something to eat no matter what.

Learn To Apologize

If your child is going to play in the playground with other children, it is in everyone’s best interest if they learn to apologize. With so many kids and parents being around, it is easy to get lost in the chaos or end up in a dispute over a swing or slide. But if you have taught your kid to apologize and be a bigger person, no matter how much the other kid wants to, there won’t be a fight or any disruption. And if any other kid bullies your child, you can always take it up with their parents.

Always Tell Your Elder

Last but not least, you have to teach your kid to always come and notify their elder if something is bothering them or making them uncomfortable at the playground. Even though parents should have their supervision at high alert with their kids in the playground, teaching your kid to reach out to you is always even better. This can stop them from getting harassed, bullied, hurt, or injured.

Wrap Up

Playgrounds might be chaotic and dangerous at some point, but following some safety rules and looking out for your children can allow your child to have a splendid time playing outside. We hope that parents take help from the rules we have listed and take their kids out to play.

Good luck!

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