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7 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Drainage System

7 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Drainage System

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The easiest way to maintain your drainage system will be through prevention. In general, if you are careful about what is going down your drains, it will increase the likelihood of not having to clear them of debris as often. However, clogs are inevitable and this is why you should know the right way to fix such problems as well as how to maintain your drains. Need help in maintaining your drainage? Check out JM Jetwise

Your first step in avoiding a clogged drain involves cleaning them regularly. This usually helps with preventing issues with drains, to begin with. But when something does go wrong, here are some of the best tips you can use to maintain your drainage system.

Use Drain Guards

Invest in drain guards for all the plug holes around your home to lower the waste and debris that washes down your sinks. A drain guard is either a metal or plastic grate-like disk that is positioned over the plug. They collect any debris that is then easy to remove and discard in a bin. There are also drain guards made for showers that are designed to catch soap scum and loose hair that would usually wash down your drain.

When it comes to your kitchen, throw away any non-dissolvable products such as coffee grounds, oils, and cooking fats. Even when you are using a drain guard these products will still clog up your drains. 

Use The Right Drain Cleaners

The Bacteriological Drain Cleaners are the best option to maintain the drainage system throughout your home. All that is required is to pour the product down your drain and wait for 30 minutes before pouring hot water down the drain. Repeat this process every two to three months to prevent blockages and maintain a healthy drainage system. It is highly recommended to rather use natural drain cleaners to prevent corrosion of your pipes.

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

If you own a garbage disposal, make sure you use a disposer brush to clean it out every month. You can also grind table salt and ice to keep the unit clean. This solution will assist with cutting down slime and grease that accumulates on each side of your disposer. Flush the unit out using cold water and then throw down half a lime or lemon to add a fresh smell to your kitchen.

Regularly Use Boiling Water

One easy and simple way to maintain your drains is to practice pouring down boiling water every week. Hot water will ensure that the oils in food particles will run down your drains rather than accumulate in the pipes, which is what can make a drain sluggish and more prone to clogs. 

Look Out for Any Signs of Problems 

An issue with a drainage system is often not noticeable until it is too late. However, when you invest a bit of your time in fully inspecting your home, you increase your chances of noticing some of the tell-tale signs of a drainage issue. Can you smell a strange smell, or are you noticing signs of leakage? One of the common signs that many homeowners notice is leaks or wet patches around their properties that have started to appear in places where they shouldn’t be.

Know When It Is Time to Call in The Professionals

If you are facing a problem with your drains and you are not sure what steps you should take next, it is best to call a reliable plumber to assist you further. When things around your home are no longer working as they should, it can become quite overwhelming. So, when this does happen, hire a professional company that specializes in drainage systems to professionally handle your drainage problems.

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