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5 Ways To Make Money From Your Mobile Phone

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Mobile Phone

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You already know that your mobile phone can be used for more than just texting and making phone calls. Chances are, you could be reading this article on your phone right now, just one of the many useful ways to use your phone other than for its basic purposes. 

Another useful thing to do is make money from your phone, and in this article, we have a few ideas that we hope you find useful.


#1: Sell your old phone

Like many of us, you probably have older phone models tucked away somewhere in your home. So, while this idea isn’t based around the phone you are currently addicted to, you could get rid of any others that are cluttering up your drawer spaces. So, if you have already been asking yourself where can I trade in my mobile phone, use the linked site, or use those other eCommerce sites that accept old, faulty, and broken phones for cash.


#2: Download a survey app

There are loads of money-making survey apps online, including Swagbucks, InboxPounds, and LifePoints. Most surveys take around 20 minutes to complete, and at the end of them, you are given the opportunity to trade in the points you have earned for gift cards or cash. Some survey providers will even put you into a prize draw, so you might net yourself a small fortune if you’re lucky. 


#3: Get paid for browsing the internet

Getting paid for doing next to nothing – it’s the dream, right? There are quite a few market research apps that can be downloaded onto your phone, and you can get paid through gift cards or cash if you let them run in the background while you browse the internet. MobileXpression is one such app, tho there are others, including Embee Mobile and Nielson Online Panel. 

#4: Make money watching videos

Admit it, you probably spend more hours a day than you should be watching videos online, probably those that feature cute cats doing crazy things. There are apps available that will give you money or gift cards for watching videos, and while you might have to watch something other than cuddly cats, you might still get to see something that interests you. Take a look at the apps showcased here and pick out those that are available to download in the UK. 


#5: Become a field agent

By which we mean download the Field Agent app and use your phone to take photos of store products and answer survey questions about the stores in question. There are other tasks you can take on too, a lot of which will make you feel like a corporate spy, so if you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a sleuth, this app will give you the opportunity to do so. The more missions you take on, the more money you will earn. So, going beyond your Candy Crush/Facebook/Instagram addictions, use your phone to boost your income. We have highlighted just a few of the ways you can do so, but a quick scan of your app store should lead you into further money-making opportunities. 

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