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5 Things in a House That Should Be Insured

5 Things in a House That Should Be Insured

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Most people don’t read their home insurance policy from cover to cover. There are a lot of things in a household that is ignored in a usual home insurance plan. Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover everything you own, and these include so many items that hold a very high monetary or sentimental value to you. You never want to think about losing these precious things, but accidents do happen and it is in your best interest to make sure that all of your items are covered in case of loss, damage or theft.

Here a few essential items that you should always insure for your own mental and financial protection


It is probably the most expensive item in a household, so it is the most valuable asset to include in your insurance policy. Besides holding the obvious monetary value, jewellery also holds great sentimental importance. From those pearls your mother left you, to your engagement ring; you don’t want to lose any of that.

In order to calculate the total value of your jewellery, you should have it appraised by a jeweller first, and an insurance policy should be purchased based on the value calculated in the appraisal.

Boiler and Central Heating

In cold countries, a boiler is one of the most important things in a household. A boiler cover gives you access to a qualified engineer who can attend to your boiler in case of emergencies so that that you can feel comfort and cosy in your house. To understand what type of boiler and central heating cover will be the best, you can get expert boiler cover advice from CORGI HomePlan, which is one of UK’s top-rated boiler cover provider.


Like jewellery, most people are connected to the artwork on a deeper level and have some emotional attachment to them. If the art is displayed on the wall and you have little kids in your house, they are prone to damage as the children can be a bit careless. Insuring expensive artwork can help you cover any expenses in case of damage or even theft.

Computer Equipment

If your computer is for personal use or it is provided by your employer, it should already be covered in your home or company insurance plan. But if you are self-employed, getting your computer insured should be a priority. You should make sure that the insurance policy covers all of your business assets so that in case of damage, you deal with minimum loss.


Who doesn’t love pets? However, you might not see them as a property or an item; most laws consider them as something you own. Just like human insurance, there are insurance plans for pets that include benefits such as health and liability. With a lot of pet thefts in the UK, getting your pets insured should be your foremost priority. The insurance policy will also include liability expenses in case your pet bites someone, or for expenses if they become sick or injured. 

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