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5 Reasons to Give Up Instant Coffee

5 Reasons to Give Up Instant Coffee

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Instant coffee is a unique product that was invented more than 100 years ago. In a nutshell, it is dried extract. Manufacturers brew highly concentrated coffee and remove all the water. The dehydrated powder or granules keep the original taste and flavor of the drink. The form of instant beverage depends on the method applied. However, it can be stored in packages or cans for a long time. Upon mixing with hot water, it becomes ready-to-drink in a few seconds.

It’s a fast and easy way to get a mug of a favorite beverage done for most people. However, instant coffee doesn’t have any other advantages. Down below, you will find the top five reasons to quit drinking it.

Cheap Components

Unfortunately, there is no way to check the quality of beans manufacturers use to prepare extracts. Consequently, they always opt for the cheapest beans with poor taste qualities, compared to Arabica pods that you can find in a store. In exceptional cases, they also purchase pods from countries with no work labor, so kids and prisoners are involved in picking cherries and processing them. All it makes the quality of beans very poor. Coffee powder manufacturers roast beans for roughly 10 minutes to reduce operational costs. It helps make packages so cheap. Thanks to advanced technology, a lot of manufacturers manage to enhance the taste and aroma of their drinks by adding artificial flavors. 

Poor Taste and Flavor

Since only poor-quality beans are used in producing it, you shouldn’t expect a mind-blowing taste and flavor. In addition, beans are processed and roasted by following the lowest standards in the industry. It doesn’t help deliver the full-bodied taste of beans. You definitely will not be able to feel notes of fruits in your mug of instant coffee. Also, beans roasted on low heat can’t bring the notes of chocolate. If you compare a cup of fresh java made by the best coffee maker under $40 with powder, you will taste the difference from the first sip. Fresh java made of good-quality pods always has a rich taste.

Lack of Caffeine

Indeed, most people drink java to get a dose of caffeine in the morning and start working at a high pace. If you consume it because of the need to get some energy, you have to know that instant coffee contains twice less caffeine than fresh-brewed one. A large number of researches prove it. Therefore, when you save time by consuming powdered coffee, you compromise on the amount of caffeine that you intake. To match the caffeine dose, you will be required to drink two cups of instant java, which vanishes the saved time.

No Romance and Morning Routine

For a large number of people, brewing is a magical ritual that they never skip in the mornings. They enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans. Some of them also froth milk to prepare tasty breakfast drinks. In addition, it has a socialization effect. It’s not occasional when people invite each other to drink java or meet someone at a coffee shop. If you stick to drinking instant powder, you definitely won’t be able to spend some time with your friends in a cafe. It’s hard to find a cafe that serves powder coffee to their clients. 

It’s Easy To Brew Coffee Using Fresh Beans

Those who don’t get the pleasure of brewing can always get it done in a click. According to the Jura z6 coffee machine review, a modern java maker can prepare barista-grade drinks fast and effortlessly. All that users need to do is fill the water tank of their devices and put the best beans. Having a tight budget, you can purchase ground coffee in packages and get it prepared using tons of cheap tools. The pour-over dripper, French press, and Aeropress are the most popular ones. Using these tools, everyone can make a mug of fresh and tasty coffee in a few minutes. Also, a lot of budget java makers on the market can brew drinks according to a pre-set schedule, making the process hassle-free. 

Concluding Words

The US soldiers were the first who discovered the benefits of instant coffee. Using one-potion packages, they could prepare tasty beverages by having some hot water only. These days, instant coffee is widely popular in Europe and Great Britain. In some countries, more than half of the java consumed is made of powder. 

Fortunately, the popularity of instant coffee drops fast due to vast hassle-free java brewing options available. Since the preparation time is almost equal for all types of beverages, people always choose natural and fresh drinks over instant powder that contains a lot of artificial add-ons. Instant coffee also was very popular due to its low price. However, these days, natural java beverages have become more accessible for people, so they prefer consuming freshly brewed drinks made of top-quality grounds.

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