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5 Real And Honest Ways To Make Money In College

5 Real And Honest Ways To Make Money In College

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As a student, you may often find yourself lacking free time and money. And while there are ways to save time, money is a different issue. Although students get thrifty, the cost of studies and books (with single books selling for up to $700 sometimes), you may still feel the need to make some bucks on the side instead of simply saving them. If you would like to invest a bit of time and make more money for yourself, here are the top five pieces of advice to make money in college:

  1. Sell your old stuff,
  2. Sell your time,
  3. Find a part-time or online job that suits your interests,
  4. Set up a YouTube channel,
  5. Invest time in a good blog and make money from ads and affiliate marketing.

The Best Ways to Make Money as a Student

Sell Your Old Stuff

Selling your old stuff may sound too thrifty, but believe it or not, people will pay for your old books, study notes, and sports requisites. If you want to earn money being a student, this is a piece of advice not to overlook. Being able to sell your old stuff will bring in some cash, will decrease the clutter in your dorm room, and will ensure you get a clean, fresh start every semester.

Sell Your Time

Selling your time is another best thing to do. You can organize study sessions for students from lower years and teach them whatever it may be that they have found difficult in their semester. Sure, it takes time to prepare and find the clients, but extra classes are in high demand, and they are easy to scale: just make larger groups of students, be available on the email and be a good speaker.

Find a Job

Finding a job, even part-time, is too difficult for many. As you may have noticed, time is short during your studies, so being able to find some time for a job can be difficult. Luckily, WritingUniverse is there to help. This great service can take over a part of your schoolwork, such as note-making and term paper writing. This way, you have shorter notes to study from and enough time for a job.

Set Up a YouTube Channel

Setting up a YouTube channel takes mere minutes. On the other hand, running a successful YouTube channel and ensuring you get paid ad money is something different. If you are in no rush with the money and time, use some of it to experiment and see what happens. An average user can monetize their YT channel some 6-24 months from the launch date. Be persistent, as there is a lot of money to be made here.

Create a Money-Making Blog

Creating a blog is a lot of work. Most people d not see any money flowing in from their ads and affiliate links in the first few months from creating the blog, so persistence is the key. Make sure that you know how to write well, how to structure the articles and the entire blog, and how to address your audience. Making sure that you love the topic helps a ton as well, as you will be able to enjoy working and prepping for the writing part of maintaining a blog.

Final Considerations

Making money as a student takes a lot of time – the only thing you do not have enough of. However, if you start early enough or use your time in the right way, you can make wonders happen. Bearing in mind that it takes a lot of time for the first dollars to start dripping in from more passive income streams is also a thing to consider, as expecting too much can cost you too much stress and effort.

Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter loves arts and music. She also loves traveling, but this hobby can get quite expensive, so when she has no money, she turns to her Travel Channel and makes plans on which places she would love to visit next. She would love to have enough free time to travel the world one day, but for now, she is happy with visiting one country per year.

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