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5 Quick Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

5 Quick Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

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If you’ve got at least one romantic bone in your body, then you’re bound to have considered outdoor weddings. There’s just something so sweet and carefree about the idea of getting married in a natural environment, surrounded by your loved ones. 

This set-up is definitely a strong contender for couples who are laid back and prefer a casual wedding. After all, imagine all the possibilities you could go for: backyard weddings, barn weddings, beach weddings, vineyard weddings, and more!

Help! What if the weather won’t cooperate?

Giving guests items to better cope with the elements can add a personal and caring touch to your outdoor reception. Think umbrellas, raincoats for the rainy season, or sunscreen, mini battery-powered fans, and insect repellent during the summer.

If your wedding is taking place between November and February, you will definitely need to think ahead. Even if the weatherman does not forecast any rain, it’s best to have a back-up plan for rainy days. Your wedding team must know how to pick out fixtures and designs that can easily adjust to inclement weather.

Looking for some quick outdoor wedding design ideas? Here’s what we’ve got to suggest!

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a versatile way to spice up your outdoor wedding. You can use them to serve your drinks for a little southern charm, or make them a part of your wedding design by decorating each jar with fairy lights. It’s a great way to add some extra lighting after sundown, and it makes the venue look cozy too! 

Flower Crowns

Here’s a simple and cute accessory you might want to add to your special day! You can pick out a few different wildflowers, such as daisies or roses, to complement your attire. If you’re planning a summer wedding, sunflowers are a bright and stunning addition to your wardrobe. As a plus, all the groomsmen can wear matching boutonnieres!

Hanging Gardens

The hanging flora display has gripped the imagination of couples all around the world. And for good reason—nothing screams romance like a hanging garden over your wedding tables, accentuated with an abundance of candlelight and lanterns. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale wedding vibe, hanging gardens are a must-have.

Wheelbarrow Drinks Station

Fruity drinks and cocktails are a beautiful way to accentuate an outdoor wedding, and what better way to showcase them than with a bespoke wheelbarrow? It will fit in perfectly at a backyard or a barn wedding, with some hay bales to frame the scene.

Chalkboard Signs

Save up on paper and printing costs with some handy chalkboards! You can use them to display the reception menu, or label each dish with smaller chalkboard signs on the buffet table. They’re a fun way to add a rustic vibe to the venue. You can also let your imagination run wild, and decorate it with illustrative borders or use interesting fonts.

Let’s Talk!

This is just a small glimpse of what you can add to an outdoor wedding. Once you’ve narrowed down a specific location and time, you can start thinking of other designs as well. And we’d love to help you brainstorm!

Avoid getting bogged down with all the planning. Give yourself ample time and opportunity to work everything out, from the concepts and designs to the logistics of your day. Contact Supernova Wedding Design if you are in need of a professional wedding designer in Scotland.

With the right support and strategy, your wedding day will be an event to remember.

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