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5 profitable online hobbies you can get started on for free

5 profitable online hobbies you can get started on for free

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When the children are out and you have a bit of downtime, it’s a shame to waste it watching television because you try to save money. For here’s the thing: There are plenty of entertaining activities that don’t come with an expensive starter fee. All they require is an internet connection – and an open mind.

If you want a new hobby that also offers you the chance to make a little bit of money on the side, then one of these five activities might be worth a try. 

1. Play casino games with no deposit

Many people picture casinos as glamorous places for the wealthy and dismiss the idea of playing entirely. But there are many online casinos out there where you can play casino games without a deposit. This means you get free spins and a chance of winning without having to put any money down yourself. You can therefore get started free of charge to see if the hobby is for you. By doing your research and knowing your limits, playing casino games could be a profitable activity. 

2. Earn points and get gift cards on gaming apps

A savvy mum’s hobby doesn’t have to be baking and cooking. Why not try playing games? If you don’t have a PlayStation or similar, then there are many free gaming apps you can download on your smartphone that enable you to earn points. These points can be used for gift cards. If you have an Android, you could try MistPlay, but there are also apps like Lucktastic. 

3. Become an online chess player

When you start taking on chess, you will soon discover that it’s a complex game requiring a fair amount of practice. Some people compete at a professional level and there is even a World Championship in chess. But don’t worry, you don’t have to aim that high. Instead, you can start by learning the rules and then try one of the many chess games online. Learning chess doesn’t cost you anything and once you feel up to it, there are plenty of tournaments to enter. 

4. Start blogging about your hobby

If you fancy yourself a bit of an expert in a specific field and love writing, then starting your own blog could be the perfect next step. Maybe you know how to save money, or perhaps you know a lot about a video game that you want to share. There are various free website builders out there where you can get started entirely free of charge and once you get the hang of it, you can invest in a great domain and start exploring how you make a profit. 

5. Write guides and tutorials for games

If you are really into a specific game, then it can be helpful to jot down all the best hacks when playing. Not only for you but also for others. Some share their advice on a blog or a video channel, others have their own podcast. It’s all about offering valuable insights. Who knows, maybe you can become a super-mum gaming expert? 

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