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5 items you could get paid to recycle

5 items you could get paid to recycle

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With sustainability issues at their peak and climate concerns hitting the headlines day in, day out, many of us are looking for ways to do our bit when it comes to the environment.

But what you may not realise is that recycling is not only a socially conscious action, it can also be a way to earn a little extra cash.

These are just five items you can recycle that could fetch a price tag.

1. Stairlift

There are many reasons you may have an unwanted stairlift. Perhaps it belongs to a family member moving into supported living, or who is sadly no longer with us.

Or maybe you’ve simply moved into a new property containing a stairlift belonging to the previous occupant.

Whatever your reasons for needing rid, dispensing of stairlifts can be a hefty job. Enter We Buy Any Stairlift, removal experts who will even pay cash for certain models!

2. Books, CDs and DVDs

Post-lockdown, people are buying books more than ever before.

The same can’t be said of CDs and DVDs. But although they’ve fallen out of fashion, you can still shift them via resale sites like Music Magpie.

Don’t expect them to fetch a small fortune, but they’ll certainly free up a little clutter space in your home. And remember, check through your collection for rarities before you get short-changed for a hidden gem!

3. Mobile phone

Reselling your old mobile phone when you replace it is a good way to make money.

But it’s also great for the environment, too. Sadly, the manufacture of these handy little devices comes at a cost for the mission of sustainability, so sending it to a new home cuts back on those emissions.

You might choose to sell yourself or go through a third-party second-hand trader like CeX. Alternatively, some networks will even give you money off your next phone purchase if you trade in your old model.

4. Clothes

It’s now estimated that fast fashion is amongst some of the worst culprits for clogging landfill and having a disastrous effect on the environment.

The extent of the problem is so dire that charity shops are now often turning down donations from a range of sources.

But with so many ways to recycle old clothes and plenty of online selling marketplaces such as Vinted that enable you to shift your unused wardrobe items, there are ways you can help combat your contribution to the problem!

5. Ink cartridges

Yep, that’s right

The Recycling Factory will pay for your old printer cartridges and recycle them on your behalf, saving you hassle and earning you a little extra at once!

If you’re looking for more ways to recycle and want to make some money on the back of it, these are just five tips for things you can shift.

Got any recycling tips for savvy savers? Share them with us in the comments below.

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