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5 Common Online Casino Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Online Casino Mistakes to Avoid

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Casino players that have mastered their games in land-based casinos often tend to do mistakes when they switch to online casinos. Being confident in their skills and knowledge, they forget that online casinos also have their rules and function a little bit differently than brick-and-mortar casinos. The rookie mistakes these players make can be avoided, all it takes is a doing a little research before joining the online casino gambling world.

Look for Fully Licensed Sites

As a first-time online gambler, you should start with some digging on the internet before deciding to join one casino over another. The most common mistake, as well as the most awful mistake players make is depositing their money at unlicensed online casino sites. Consequently, they never see their money nor their winnings again.

That is why you should look for online casino sites that are licensed by trusted regulatory bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. A casino that holds at least one license by any of these three regulatory bodies is a safe casino that complies with the gambling rules.

Read the Terms & Conditions on Bonus Offers

Online casinos provide players with different promotional and bonus offers and this is their way of competing and trying to be the best. As a new online player, you will be tempted to claim at least one offer. However, take caution, as many, if not all, offers have wagering requirements. Although the offer contains a sentence that tells you there are wagering requirements, this sentence is always written in tiny, small letters, barely visible to the eye.

Take Advantage of Free In-Game Games and Bonus Features

As long as you’ve read the wagering requirements and you’ve understood your offer well, you can proceed in taking advantage of the free games and bonus features. These are created with the aim of boosting your winnings and keeping you on the online casino site longer. It is a win-win situation where you benefit as well as the operator. There’s nothing tricky with these features, they can just increase your winnings. For example, each game at can be played for free.

Check the Accepted Payment Methods

Before depositing in an online casino, make sure you check the accepted payment methods. Why? Because sometimes the same payment method cannot be used for withdrawals, and vice versa. If you’re a fan of a certain payment method and you would like to play using it, you should check whether you can also withdraw your winnings with it, and avoid misunderstandings.

A Game Tip: Card Counting in Online Casinos Doesn’t Work

If you’re a blackjack player and you’re used to card counting, you will be disappointed to learn that card counting is impossible in online blackjack. This is because online casinos use a Random Number Generator that makes sure the outcomes of the games are fair and random, which is great, but they also shuffle the deck after each hand. So, keeping track of the cards in the deck is useless, as the next hand comes with freshly shuffled cards.

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