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4 Part-Time Job Ideas for Mums

4 Part-Time Job Ideas for Mums

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Being a mum is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs you will ever have, but unfortunately the pay isn’t great. Therefore, it is normal for many parents to sometimes find it difficult to make ends meet, meaning they require an extra form of income.

However, a job that is flexible around your role as a mother can sometimes seem difficult to find. But trying to find a job when you are a mum doesn’t have to be impossible, and there are many opportunities available to you. Therefore, whether you need a job that allows you to work from home or one that you can do during the evenings when your other half comes home from their day job, we have put together this list of potential part-time job ideas that are perfect for busy mums!

Start a Blog

With the development of the internet has come the blogging industry and the opportunity for bloggers to create an extra source of income by posting interesting and informative content to attract a following and receive income from advertising and sponsored content.

While this is a relatively new phenomenon, it has proved to be very lucrative for some of the most successful bloggers. There is also a huge interest throughout social media in ‘mummy bloggers’, which many mums now use as a way to make some extra cash.

Become an Uber Driver

Another great way to make an extra form of income when you are a mum is to become an Uber taxi driver. This gives you the opportunity to work your own hours around your other commitments and responsibilities.

All you need to start is a full UK driving licence, a private hire taxi licence from your local authority, and a vehicle that you can use. There is always plenty of money to be made!

Standard car insurance doesn’t allow you to carry paying passengers so you will need to take out Uber insurance UK, but fortunately a site like can help you to compare quotes from a wide range of Uber insurance providers in a matter of minutes.


We all love children, what better way to earn some extra cash as work from home nanny. You may need some qualifications, but this could well be a worthwhile investment. After that, make sure you have proper liability cover in the form of nanny insurance.  When it comes to nanny insurance, you have many insurance providers to choose from. A price comparison site like this one will make it easier to compare those policies and choose the right one. This is a great way to make extra money from home. Though you would need to check the licensing laws in your local area and would likely need to get a DBS check before you can legally look after other people’s children.

Bake from Home

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a pro in the kitchen, then you could make some extra money from enjoying your hobby. Most people don’t have the time to bake from fresh at home anymore, so are more than happy to pay for some special home-baked goods. Therefore, you could start your own baking company or simply sell some delicious treats to your friends and family.

Getting some part-time work and making some extra money when you are a mum isn’t impossible, and you may be surprised to find the different and flexible ways you can work alongside motherhood.

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