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4 Budget Friendly Home Renovation Projects for 2023

<strong>4 Budget Friendly Home Renovation Projects for 2023</strong>

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When making a list of home renovation projects you’d love to tackle, the budget tends to be a big factor. Your budget is often what determines which projects get the green light and which need to be placed on the back burner for a later date. So, how do you get maximum impact when working within a tight budget? Here we’ll take a look at four budget-friendly home renovation projects that you can do in 2023. Each will transform your home in a big way, and satisfy your need for change and modern updates.

Add a Splashback in the Kitchen

Love the idea of a custom-built kitchen but can’t afford to install one? Try installing a splashback yourself as this will automatically elevate the entire room. With so many options to choose from, you can find something eye-catching and unique. Rather than picking the same colour as the cabinets or countertop, choose a complementary colour that will pop and make a statement. It’s a great way to add interest to the kitchen.

Change the Light Fixtures Room-by-Room

This lighting project can be taken room-by-room as the budget allows. The goal can be to eventually swap out every fixture with something modern and energy efficient. One thing to keep in mind when choosing light fixtures is the flow in the home. There needs to be a style or concept that is used throughout the space so the rooms don’t feel disjointed. This doesn’t mean it has to be the same fixture in each room, there just needs to be a sense of cohesion.

Replace Your Internal Doors

Interior doors serve more than just a function; they can also act as a design element in the room. Choosing which internal door to purchase should be based on the style, colour, material and finish that best matches your vision and the existing décor in the room. The good news is that these internal doors can be very competitively priced and because you can do the job yourself, you save money on installation. Even some of the more intricate styles can be reasonably priced, depending on the material.

In terms of the best type of internal door to purchase, oak tends to be very popular as it can blend with traditional decor as well as modern spaces.

Painting Delivers Maximum Impact at an Affordable Price

For homeowners that want maximum impact but don’t have a massive budget, painting tends to be what the professionals suggest. Changing the colour palette of the home will make each room feel different. It can open up spaces, make the home feel more comfortable and welcoming, act as a nod to current styles and trends, and infuse the space with energy. And the best part is you can DIY this project and save a small fortune.

No matter which of these home improvement projects you add to your to-do list for 2023, one thing is certain: it will deliver a brand-new stylish space to enjoy in your house. There is no reason why home improvement projects need to go overboard in terms of costs.

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