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3 Innovations in Cannabis Technology That Are Transforming the Industry

3 Innovations in Cannabis Technology That Are Transforming the Industry

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The cannabis industry is growing and expanding. It has recently become popular, and technology is evolving with the industry and changing the rules. For example, you might order some weed with delivery to your home. You can check weed delivery in Los Angeles if you are in LA. 

Growers pay attention to changes and innovation in software, digital area, and other tools they can use to improve their businesses. Cannabis cultivation technology is developing and allows companies to offer a high-quality cannabis product that stands out on the market.

Today there are many innovations in the industry, and new ones appear every day. For example, HVAC systems adjustments, sensor data, and artificial intelligence tools exist. 

Understanding innovations and its idea will help you understand and know the industry’s future. What is happening in the industry, and how is the tech changing it?

Now, let’s dive into some key innovations that help the industry to grow and develop. Here are three key trends to watch.

Crop Steering

Cannabis plants have a special hormonal system that regulates their growth. This system is responsible for environmental stresses and regulates plants’ development. Crop steering is a method that allows manipulating these responses by changing an environment to get the desired outcome. These changes could be the change in temperature, decreasing humidity, or changing the amount of water.

The main idea of crop steering is to lead to more plant production and yield a higher outcome. As a result, it will lead to more profit. However, crop steering should be done at the right time in a cannabis growth cycle using environmental sensors to reach this goal. There could be various methods of crop steering, and they might need sensors and tracking tools to analyze how cannabis plants grow with a specific level of light and water. After that, you can create strategies based on your current data to maximize growth results. Crop steering has been developed using new software and hardware to create the best conditions for plants. Crop steering is one of the top tech trends in the cannabis industry.

Genetic Engineering 

Genetic engineering is another top trend in the industry because it allows growers and businesses to cross different strains of cannabis and select phenotypes. Earlier, such a process could be very long, but now it can be done in a few weeks. 

Some cultivators prefer to choose genes like climate tolerance or pest resistance. Others might want their crops to have a specific CBD/THC ratio. In all these cases, genetic engineering might help you to achieve these goals. Technology is developing and offers more options for growers every day. Some companies can create hemp seeds with tailored genes that you might use. However, there is a lot of room for new ideas and innovations.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming means multi-level racking systems that hold fitted grow trays. You can move these racks from side to side to optimize the use of space and save on energy costs. This system also uses air ventilation systems that reach plants in vertical spots. When we are talking about the light, special LED lamps attach to these racks, and the plants get enough light.

Vertical farming allows farmers to implement all innovative tools, from growing racks to HVAC and airflow systems. This equipment has been updated. After the system is installed, it can save companies a lot of funds for LED lightning and energy cost.

What Other Technologies Are Helping Cannabis Businesses?

There are also a lot of other technologies that help cannabis business improve their product range, including the likes of cannabis shatter (which you can learn more about if you enjoy a particularly potent THC level) and optimize processes. Some of the most widespread and popular are:

  • Data storage. Cloud storage tool is significant for modern businesses. Cannabis companies can analyze their data and share it instantly with employees or other parties. It might improve growing processes, service, and productivity.
  • Digital technology. There is much room for innovation when we are talking about digital technology. Some dispensaries, for example, are already using advanced payment systems like those provided by posabit. Meanwhile, online customers can receive better service from mobile apps, order delivery, and buy cannabis from their homes.
  • Communication tools. Modern technology allows growers to exchange experiences with others and communicate with the team. Such products as Zoom and Google Meet offer instant methods of communicating. 
  • Equipment. When harvesting, there are a variety of methods and equipment you can use to complete the harvest. For instance, there is a difference between wet trimming vs dry trimming, and before doing either it would be advised to do thorough research on which tools are best for each method.


In the future, pay attention to vertical farming, crop steering, and genetic engineering. These technologies are popular, and they will continue to evolve. 

Growers should also use and implement such tech as e-commerce which is changing the retail world. This trend has yet to be fully implemented. It will allow growers to customize their brand to be well presented online. Only some trends can be predicted, but we might look at AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). So there are multiple options for cannabis cultivators to improve their businesses and step into the future. 

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