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10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles

10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles

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Have you ever been in a small bathroom that feels tight and cramped? It’s a common problem.

for many households, but the good news is that it can be solved with a few simple design tricks. One of the most effective ways to create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom is with tiles. 

Below are 10 ways you can use tiles to make any small bathroom look bigger. Be sure to keep these in mind when you go shopping at your favourite Elegance Tiles Melbourne store.

1. Use large format tiles

Large format tiles create fewer grout lines and give the appearance of more open space. Opt for tiles that are at least 12×24 inches. Fewer grout lines mean fewer interruptions in the eye’s line of sight, making the bathroom feel more expansive.

2. Keep it monochromatic

Choose one colour for your tiles and stick with it. When the colours of your walls, floor and fixtures blend together, it creates an uninterrupted visual flow that makes the space feel bigger. For example, you can use white subway tiles on the walls and a white or light-coloured floor tile to create a seamless look.

3. Use light-coloured tiles

Light colours reflect more light, making a small bathroom feel brighter and more open. Avoid dark colours, which absorb light and make the space feel smaller. Choose light-coloured tiles in shades of white, beige or grey for a bright and airy look.

4. Choose glossy or reflective tiles

Glossy or reflective tiles bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of more space. Go for tiles with a glossy or polished finish for your walls and floor.

5. Create a focal point

A focal point draws the eye away from the size of the room and focuses it on a specific design element. For example, you can use a feature wall of patterned or textured tiles to create a focal point that makes the bathroom feel more interesting and less cramped.

6. Use horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes create the illusion of width, which can make a small bathroom feel bigger. Incorporate horizontal stripes into your tiles, either on the walls or the floor, to create the illusion of more space.

7. Use diagonal tile patterns

Diagonal tile patterns have the ability to draw the eye diagonally across the room, making it feel more spacious. Try creating a diagonal tile pattern on your floor or walls for a unique and visually appealing look.

8. Continue the tile to the ceiling

When the tiling extends from the floor to the ceiling, you get a more seamless look that makes the bathroom seem taller. Opt for a neutral or light-coloured tile for your walls and continue the same tile to the ceiling to create a cohesive and spacious look.

9. Add texture

Adding texture to your tiles creates visual interest and a welcome distraction from the size of the room. Consider incorporating tiles with raised patterns or geometric shapes to create a unique look.

10. Use glass tiles

Glass tiles are translucent, which means it allows light to pass through and makes the space feel brighter and more open. Use glass tiles on your walls or floor to create a unique and luminous look.

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