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10 Easy Ways To Cut Your Car Insurance Costs

10 Easy Ways To Cut Your Car Insurance Costs

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Car insurance costs can vary but you can get a much better deal very easily. There are numerous ways to save money on your car insurance costs and I’ll be counting down 10 of the most effective in this blog. So, before agreeing to any policy consider these tips as they could help you cut the cost of your insurance.

Leave The Extras

When getting insurance you will often be offered numerous additional extras these are known as policy add-ons. They might seem tempting but they will drive the cost of your insurance up so one easy way to cut your insurance costs is to ignore them.

Compare Quotes 

Comparing insurance quotes is quick and easy these days so do you really have an excuse to opt for your first deal? While it might seem like a good offer you could quickly find an even better one if you compare quotes. This will be very helpful if you are renewing your insurance because your insurer may offer you a better deal to stay with them.

Set A Low Mileage Limit 

One thing you will need to do when getting car insurance is to tell your insurer your yearly mileage. However, if you can set a lower mileage then you could easily save money on your insurance but you will need to ensure you can realistically stick to this limit. The less time you spend on the road the less risk involved with insuring you.

Don’t Modify Your Vehicle 

Modifying your car with body kits or to make it more powerful might seem cool or trendy but it will have an impact on your insurance. Many insurance providers will find modifications to either increase the risk of driving your vehicle or that they will make your vehicle more attractive to thieves. Both of these will result in higher insurance costs.

Pay It All Upfront 

Car insurance costs are usually split monthly but while this might seem more manageable it does usually come with extra monthly interest charges. So, if you opt to pay for it all upfront you can actually save quite a lot of money on your insurance.

Use A Pass Plus Course 

Younger more inexperienced drivers will need to pay higher premiums on their insurance. But if you have completed a pass plus course then you have a way to prove that you are a more experienced and safer driver. This can help cut the cost of your insurance in many ways so if you are struggling to get lower premiums a pass plus course can help.

Improve Car Security 

Car insurance doesn’t just look at your driving experience it looks at many areas of your vehicle as well. One quick and effective way to save on your insurance costs is to make your vehicle more secure and this can be done in a number of ways. Getting a steering wheel lock, a dash camera and keeping your vehicle safely stored away can all help you save on your insurance costs.

Drive Carefully 

While this method might not be quite as quick over time it can help you make significant savings on your car insurance. If you avoid making a claim on your insurance then you will earn a no claims bonus and this can be earned every year. For every year that goes by without a claim, the more affordable your insurance will be.

Add Another Driver 

Adding another driver to your insurance policy can help you make significant savings. However, you will need to ensure you are adding the right kind of driver. You will save money by adding a driver who is more experienced and who hasn’t made claims in the past. One great way young drivers can benefit from this is by adding their parents if they have a clean driving license.

Consider Black Box Insurance 

Black box insurance is commonly used by young drivers and people who have limited driving experience. With black box insurance, the device of the name is installed in your vehicle and used to monitor your behaviour while driving.

A black box examines many areas of your driving and will use it to give you a score. With a good score, your insurance premiums will go down and help you save money. So, by driving safely you will actually be rewarded.

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