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10 Best Last-minute Birthday Gift Ideas

10 Best Last-minute Birthday Gift Ideas

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“It is my birthday tomorrow! How can you forget! You have to be there!” 

We have all been caught up in a situation like this at least once. Let’s just acknowledge the fact that none of us can remember all the birthdates. Even after setting reminders and making notes, we tend to forget them. But what can be done if you are invited to a birthday you absolutely had no idea of! Going empty-handed without a gift looks just bad, and the celebrant won’t say it but they also expect a gift from you when they invite you!

How do you tackle such situations?

Here are a few fabulous ideas that can serve as a valuable last-minute gift 

1] Video

Birthday videos can be a real treat! Furnishing a happy birthday video requires you to gather people, pictures, look for an application, and work immensely. Today, however with video-making tools like Celebrate, making videos has become super easy and fun. 

2] Gift Cards 

A gift card sounds very generic, but it is one of the best options to consider last moment. Visit the favourite store of the celebrant and get them a gift card. E-gift cards can reach them in minutes. Stores offer great discounts on gift cards; hence the celebrant will be able to get whatever he desires at a reduced price. It will also let them choose for themselves than you choosing something for them. 

3] Streaming Subscriptions or Pay for their Playlist

A gift should be something the celebrant would love to have but wouldn’t buy for himself. Today, most entertainment is available on the OTT Platforms.  Some shows and movies actually release and stay on these platforms only. Subscription to these platforms is invaluable, but not everyone can afford it. Sometimes people even feel it’s unnecessary to spend money on OTT platforms, a subscription to OTT Platform will be something that will truly be enjoyed by the celebrant. It could be a Netflix subscription, Amazon subscription etc. 

Another thing closely linked to this is Music.

Music is the best gift you can present someone with. Music platforms display tons of advertisements, most of us find this slightly irritating but we prefer listening to them than spending on buying the premium. Gifting someone with a subscription to Spotify, Apple, YouTube can be a very thoughtful gift, and they are sure to enjoy it. 

4] Kindle Subscription 

If the celebrant is a reader; there’s nothing that will make him happier. Kindle books allow a person to read using a free application on any digital device. Having access to a massive collection of books will surely make a reader happy as ever. 

5] Digital Games

If the celebrant likes gaming, he must have tons of games on his wish list. Gamers can get real emotional if they are being gifted with a game they’ve wanted to play for ages. You don’t have to visit a store; you can just buy a game from gaming platforms and send it to them. They will not only love it immensely but also use it for quite a long duration. 

All the above-mentioned gifts are digitalized. If you wish to gift them something material, here are a few options for you. 

6] Hamper

Hampers or gift boxes are unique and gratifying. They can be customized any way you want. You could add scented candles, body wash, face masks, chocolates, scrunchies, or anything at all. You can compile the favourite delicacies of the celebrant with everything that they like. This might not be something that can be preserved as a gift, but the momentary joy will be carried forward for life. 

7] Coffee Mug or Accessories

Coffee is magic incarnated. A simple yet precious gift could be a coffee mug, something that the celebrant will always use. You could go further and try making a set of a coffee mug, coffee sachets of the brand the celebrant prefers, a coffee frother, coffee stencils etc. 

8] Notebook/Unique Diary 

The advancements in notebooks, journals are stunning today. You can choose a unique journal, made of leather or soft fur or one with a lock. You can pair it up with a unique pen. This is something that can be used every day or can be used to collate the works of the celebrant. 

9] Board or Indoor Games 

Monopoly, Jenga, Crossword are just to name a few! There are a wide variety of games available, that one can gift. This will keep the celebrant entertained and get them to play off-screen. It will be enjoyed not just by the celebrant but also their family and friends. 

10] Flowers and Greeting Card

Flowers are a forever classic. They can never go out of style and make everyone happy no matter what. You can get the celebrant a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a greeting card and note attached to it. Greetings never stop being wholesome.

Forgetting a birthday is not voluntary, but not getting a gift for someone is. With everything mentioned above, you can come up with a gift that will be treasured. As is it popularly said- “Better late than never”.

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