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How to Save Time and Money with Slow Fashion

How to Save Time and Money with Slow Fashion

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Being fashionable has been important for as long as fashion has existed. And nobody likes to be thought of as tight with their money. But there is such a thing as too much, and we’re living in an era of it right now. Single-wear clothing was once reserved for the rich and shameless, but these days, anyone can do it. That doesn’t mean we should. Throwaway clothing may give you a cheap thrill, but the planet and your wallet will thank you for being a bit more discerning. Whether you’re in the market for everyday tee shirts or extra-special bridal earrings, you should think twice before investing any of your hard-earned cash. Read on to learn how slow fashion can actually save you time and money.

Invest in Quality

You’re probably thinking, ‘Since when is a cashmere cardigan cheaper than an acrylic one?’ Whilst an inexpensive top might indeed cost less in terms of the initial investment, it isn’t much of a bargain if it falls apart the first time you launder it. Quality pieces really do cost less when you figure cost-per-wear. When you’re out shopping, go for timeless pieces in classic colours that will mix and match, like a trench coat, wool trousers, button-down shirts, and A-line dresses. Quality counts with accessories as well. Think pearl necklaces rather than trendy beads and neutral flats rather than gold gladiator stilettos. You’ll get much more wear out of them, and ultimately save money.

Free Up Space in Your Closet (& Brain)

As fun as it is to pick up new items whenever the fancy strikes, the resulting clutter and headaches when you can’t find what you’re looking for is not worth it. By choosing the slow fashion route, you free up valuable real estate inside your home and your head. You’ll not only waste less time searching, you’ll also have more room to breathe, relax, and perhaps even go have some fun instead of tidying up.

Read Labels

Before buying anything, it’s important to read the care labels. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are harmful to the environment and your health. Dry cleaning isn’t great for your wallet either. Save the planet and your budget by buying items that can be washed. Also important: always follow the instructions on the label. This will help your clothes last longer, as will hanging them up rather than tossing them on the floor.

Hold a Swap Meet

One fun thing you can do to promote slow fashion amongst your friends and family is to hold a swap meet. Exchange items that you no longer love but still have plenty of wear in them. Don’t feel limited to clothes either. Housewares, decor, furniture, and baby items are all great to trade. We have so much. It is only right that it should neither wind up in the dustbin or sit gathering dust in our homes. The process of going through your belongings is also a great way to save time and money because: a) you (re)discover what you already own, and b) you don’t have to search for it because you know where it is!

The fast fashion industry is incredibly polluting, only second to the oil industry in terms of carbon emissions. Consumers are not solely to blame, but by voting with our cheque books, we can influence manufacturers to produce goods in cleaner, healthier ways, and help ourselves to boot!

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