#Week 6 Meal Plan – Trying Something New

So last week, I hand on heart pledged that I would attempt to try new food. See, the thing with me is, I love cooking, I’m just not that good at it, and when two little monkeys just say yuck to everything that isn’t beige, it kind of kills your mojo.

I’m not going to let that stop me, though! This week, I plan on going ahead with my plan of trying one new thing a week and making it from scratch.

Now, I fine with the basic slow cooked Spaghetti Bolognese. To be honest, that’s my stable dish when I know I’m going to be out all day, need to plow as many vegetables into the little tykes as I can, and, it’s something the kids will ‘kind of’ eat if the mood takes them.

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No, this was way out of my comfort zone. This was Hunters Chicken with Homemade Chips and beans. Yep. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? You say that, but I really am that bad a cook. I like things I can just bung in one pan and leave.

Anyway, it went okay. It was nice and I would cook it again. It’s not overly healthy, but then, we don’t overly eat healthy food anyone. Everything in balance right?

So this was our meal plan for last week:

Friday 13th January –Friday 20th January Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Friday Cereal & Apple Homemade Soup & Bread Homemade Pizza
Saturday Crumpets & Smoothie Hot Cross Buns & Carrots Fish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans
Sunday Eggy Bread Pepper & Onion Melts Slow Cooked Spaghetti Bolognese
Monday Fruit Porridge & a Plum Cheesy Muffins & Crisps Sausages, Mash & Frozen Vegetables
Tuesday Cereal & Pear Ham Sandwich & Pear Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice
Wednesday Fruity French Toast Homemade Soup & Bread Hunters Chicken, Roast Sweet Potatoes & Frozen Vegatables
Thursday Fruit Bread & Smoothie Crackers, Ham & Crisps Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake
Friday Egg & Soldiers Ham Sandwich, Crisps & Pear Chicken Nuggets, Mash & Beans

We did really well and stuck to it. Plus, it only cost us £42 which I was chuffed with and that included nappies! Whoop!

Now, this week coming is going to be tricky. The Hubs shifts are all over the place, and when he isn’t around, I seem to lose all focus and just cook whatever the kids and i fancy, normally chicken nuggets. So I’m going to try my hardest this week to stick to it and not get stuck in the rut of just following my gut!

This week’s new meal of choice is going be, wait for it, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Rice, and yes, I’m going to ‘try’ and cook it all from scratch!!!

Friday 20th January – Friday 27th January Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Friday Egg & Soldiers Ham Sandwich, Crisps & Pear Chicken Nuggets, Mash & Beans
Saturday Hoops & Smoothie Hot cross Bun & Yogurt Sweet & Sour Chicken and Rice
Sunday Scrambled Egg on Toast Crackers, Cheese & Plums Gammon Roast
Monday Porridge with Raspberries. Crumpets & Egg Fish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans
Tuesday Weetabix & Banana Cheesy Muffins and Carrot Sticks with Crisps. Cottage Pie
Wednesday Fruit Bread with Smoothie Soup & Bread Sausages, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy
Thursday Hoops & Orange Ham Sandwich, Crisps & Pear Homemade Pizza
Friday Egg & Soldiers Ham crackers, Crisps & Banana Cheesy Pasta Bake

So this week again, we haven’t managed to go shopping yet, so I can’t tell you how much all this was but I’m hoping it’s around my £50 budget.

We need wipes too, but luckily Aldi have their baby event on this week, so I’m taking full advantage of that!

Hopefully, I’ll have another cracking recipe to share with you too, something that doesn’t take long to cook but is reasonably healthy. Watch this space YouTube, recording these would be a lot quicker!

See you next week!



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