#Week 3 Meal Plan – Left Over City

#Week 3 Meal Plan – Left Over City

Anyone else get confused with this weird bit between Christmas and New Year? Spins me right out of control, and to be honest, the kids don’t know what to make of it either.

Christmas Dinner didn’t go down to well with the kids either. Didn’t really expect it to, but it was funny when they both sat there, took one look at Christmas lunch and said “yuck” simultaneously. I didn’t even have to look over at The Hub to know his eyes were rolling as much as mine, and, guess what? They still wanted yule log and ice cream! Ha!

As you can see, we aren’t the healthiest of families. We love going out to eat, and of course, eating loads of crap, but we do try and rein it in a bit. I suppose, you could call it my New Year’s resolution to try and help us all eat a much rounder diet, and to be honest, I find the weeks I don’t write these meal plans, we seem to sprawl out of control even more than normal.

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Anyway, here was my meal plan for this week. To be honest, again, we strayed a little, but all my good intentions were there I swear!

Friday 23rd– Friday 30th DecemberBreakfastLunchDinner
FridayHoops, Pear & Banana.Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Crisps, Apple.Fish Fingers, Chips & Beans.
SaturdayShreddies & YogurtGammon, Egg & Chips. Jelly.Beans on Toast. Yogurt Cheese Sandwich
Sunday (Xmas)Pancakes & SmoothieXmas LunchSnack Dinner
Monday (Boxing Day)Weetabix & AppleSandwiches, Crisps & Pear.Roast Dinner Beans on Toast
TuesdayShreddies & SmoothieSoup & BreadSpag Bol.
WednesdayEggy BreadScotch PancakesFish Curry & Rice Turkey Curry, Rice & Naan
ThursdayPorridge & AppleSandwiches, Yogurt & PlumFish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans Fresh Pasta & Jar Sauce
FridayEgg & SoldiersCrackers, Cheese & YogurtHomemade Pizza & Garlic Bread

We had such a great Christmas but it feels like such an anti-climax now, especially as I have more leftover food then I know what do with! Hence, Tuesday this week was spent mass Googling was I could use our turkey, and long it could stay in the fridge before it made us sick! News Flash! I’m not one for leftovers when it comes to meat, it just freaks me out, but I had SO much just sat there, that it pained me to even think about throwing it all away.        

I found a great turkey curry recipe for Wednesday that even the girls gave a try and are a perfect choice if you only have a few cupboard fillers left like us. Before you jump to the crazy fact that I may, in fact, be a good cook, then I’m going to dash all your hope here; I’m a VERY bad cook. I try, I really do. I love it when my meals come out like YouTube tells me they should, but, and I’m a bit red-faced here, most of the time I just can’t be bothered.

So here’s our plan for next week. Again, I’ve started with Today and given us an overlap as we went shopping yesterday.

Friday 30th – Friday 6th JanuaryBreakfastLunchDinner
FridayShreddies & CrumpetsCrackers, Cheese & YogurtHomemade Pizza & Garlic Bread
Saturday (NYE)Egg & SoldiersSandwiches, Crisps and PearFish Fingers. Beans & Waffles (Unhealthy bits for me & The Hub, it is NYE after all!)
Sunday (NYD)Pancakes & SmoothieOut for LunchCheese on Toast
MondayWeetabix & AppleSandwiches, Crisps & Pear.Jacket Potato, Beans & Cheese
TuesdayShreddies & SmoothieSoup & BreadCottage Pie
WednesdayEggy BreadScotch PancakesFish Curry, Rice & Naan
ThursdayPorridge & AppleSandwiches, Yogurt & PlumCheese & Bacon Pasta Bake
FridayScotch Pancakes & SmoothieHot Cross Buns & AppleSausages, Mash, Veg & Gravy

So there you have it, folks. This week’s shop at Aldi (of course) cost just £55.20 and that included some special treats, including a bargain Christmas Pudding for just 99p down from £3.49 and a tub of strawberry cheesecake ice cream for yours truly for just £1.99. Yum!

We went a bit over our £50 budget, mainly due to all the bad food we plan to eat on New Year’s Eve.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for the week ahead. Again, this is just a guide to help you out if you’re having a brain blank on food. Not everything here is cooked from scratch, but the stuff that it, I’ll try and link it up so you can see the kind of recipes I use for ease.

Till next week guys.

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