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Paultons Park Season Pass – Economical or Excessive?

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We all love the feeling of going out for a day’s entertainment for free. I am from Southampton and around us there are various places which are completely free and provide a great day out. However, we have exhausted them and I am now looking for other places to go.

Season passes are a great idea and the couple I have had I wouldn’t be without. I love the feeling of going somewhere for free and we use my daughters’ birthdays to pay for them. For Christmas last year we were very generously given a Paultons Park Pass for me, as my 3 year old daughter was under 1 metre. She is now only a couple of centimetres below and I’m sure we will have to get her a pass before the year is out – but is it worth it?

Most places go by the rule that their pass is the price of 3 or 4 trips and Paultons is no different. It is just under the cost of four visits at £110 per adult or child over 1 metre. When you think that my 3 year old is very close to a metre it seems quite a lot of money.

What is there to do?

From a season pass I do expect certain things, somewhere I can take the kids throughout the year where they will not get bored, somewhere they can run around outside in dry weather and lots to do in bad weather. Fortunately, Paultons provides all this and more.

For somewhere that doesn’t charge under a metre, I assumed there would be very little for my toddler and 7 month old baby to do. I could not have been more wrong. In Peppa Pig World both girls can go on all the rides but one and throughout the park you can go on the large majority of the rides under 1 metre. As well as the rides Paultons also has gardens to explore, animals to see and more parks than any child could play in.

I was also delighted to find out I didn’t need to pay a fortune for lunch as well. Picnics are welcome all over the park and even on wet days there is a huge undercover and heated space to eat your lunch. On those days when I can’t be bothered to make lunch I don’t feel too bad, as there is 20% off food and drink with the pass. This makes all the prices very reasonable but impossible to say no to ice creams!

During wet days there is a soft play area which my girls love and they would happily spend most of their time there even on a beautiful day. Some of the rides are slightly covered so in light rain it’s not too bad. As any veteran theme park goer will tell you, rainy days are the best times to go! The rides are fast and the queues are none existent!

I am not a theme park veteran, the day I woke up and saw the rain pouring down after promising we would go to Peppa Pig World, my heart sank. I dutifully packed the car up with everything we would need for a rainy day out and resigned myself to a cold, wet day. We had an amazing time. No queues, the staff were continuously wiping the seats to keep them as dry as possible and when the rain became really bad we went to soft play.

Paultons Park Season Pass – Economical or Excessive?

Is it worth it?

Do I think the Paultons Pass is worth it? It is a lot of money that is undeniable. But I have had our pass for 2 months and we have gone 5 times and my daughter cried when I told her we had to leave yesterday. We have not yet tried out all the parks or seen the penguins, we haven’t walked round all of the gardens or tried all of the rides. If we hadn’t been given a pass as a gift I would have remained on the ‘it’s too much money’ camp. However, now that I have used it and seen what Paultons has to offer, I am a Paultons Park Pass convert and proud of it! What a bargain!

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