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Newly Pregnant? Here’s Loads of Freebies Especially for You!

Finding out you are pregnant is usually the most exciting day in a woman’s life and not one easily forgotten. However, soon after the sight of that blue line comes the fear of the cost! How will you afford this little miracle? Luckily there are loads of freebies out there for pregnant women to help with the cost!

Free Packs

Never have freebies been so exciting. If you join Emma’s Diary you will receive a few free packs. The first of which will come while you are pregnant. It has free samples including Pampers and Johnson’s. There are also loads of vouches. Another free pack you can sign up for is the Bounty pack. The Mum to be pack is again one of many packs you can pick up from Tesco, Boots, Asda and Superdrug. If you get your pack from Tesco you receive slightly different gifts, many things from Tesco. Boots, Asda and Superdrug bpacks al have the same things in them. You can get more packs once your baby is born.

Medical Support

Once you find out you are pregnant you need to talk to your midwife about your Maternity Exemption Certificate. This card will entitle you to free dental care and free prescriptions. You can keep this until your baby is a year old. Make sure you visit the dentist just before your baby turns one to get the full use of the card. You are also entitled to antenatal classes. These will provide you with loads of useful information on your pregnancy, labour and the early days of your babies life.

Free Clothes and Equipment, Food and Milk

If you are on a low income you can also get help with clothes and baby equipment. There are many different places throughout the country that can help those who are on a tight budget. Healthy Start can also help those who already receive benefits to stay healthy. If you qualify you can get vouchers for milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins to not only help you but also you’re unborn child.

Free Pregnancy Books

Throughout your pregnancy you are very likely to have a whole wealth of questions. Although Google can be helpful sometimes there is nothing like looking through a book. There are places where you can find free pregnancy books for both you and your partner. Yes you could go to your local library but, especially if this is your first, finding time while you are working can be hard. Here is a website ( that can help. They have 100,000s of books which you can borrow, read and then swap it for a new on.

Parenting Clubs

Many high street and online stores have parenting clubs. These will often give you more points and vouchers that could save you £££s. Boots’ parenting club will provide you with 10 points for every £1 you spend on baby items. These can really add up when buying nappies, wipes and clothes! Tesco’s parenting club offers you extra deals that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Being pregnant is one of the best and most worrying times of a woman’s life. Hopefully money will not be a worry but if it is there are loads of things you can do to help ease the burden. There are packs, offers and clubs to join. Make sure you don’t miss out on ways to help you.

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