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How to Save Money with a VPN from Streaming

How to Save Money with a VPN from Streaming

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Do you realize that a virtual private network (VPN) is capable of doing much more than just keeping you safe on the internet? 

Yes, the very same tech that hides your online identity may also assist you in saving a few hundreds of dollars at the end of every month if you have bills to pay and want to save some money with what’s left, a few hundred dollars count for a substantial amount. 

No, we’re not talking about employing a VPN to engage in illegal activity. Instead, we’ll discuss how a VPN’s features can be taken advantage of by saving money while you try to stream HBO Max UK or any other streaming service of your choice.

If you choose to subscribe to multiple streaming services in a month (say Spotify, Netflix, and HBO Max, for example), your monthly streaming prices will climb to 40 GBP per month! A VPN, on the other hand, will only cost somewhere around 2 to 4 GBP per month (depending on which VPN you subscribe to for your streaming needs); thus, combining your Netflix membership with a VPN will not only provide you access to a larger library of content, but it will also reduce your monthly streaming prices to half, setting you back around 13 GBP per month.

We will show you how to use a VPN to access your favorite movies and shows in a matter of minutes. Continue reading to find out how a VPN might help you save money and which company is ideal for streaming.

Say Goodbye to Region-Based Price Discrimination

In order to see how a VPN can help you save money on streaming in the UK, you must understand that all over the world, consumers are subjected to pricing discrimination strategies depending on their location. Location-based pricing strategies are particularly applicable to airfare and certain internet services like streaming websites. 

In terms of their content libraries across multiple nations, geo-restrictions apply to streaming services like Netflix. The Netflix collection in the United States, for example, is considered to be the biggest with the most titles. In this case, price discrimination exists because you are paying for Netflix, but there is still a lot of Netflix content that is out of your reach because you are based in the UK. So you’re basically paying the same price for less material, dependent on your location. 

When you use a VPN for streaming, you can access the Netflix library of any country you like while sitting in the UK, widening the amount of content you can access to a considerably great degree. 

Unblock All Geo-Restricted Content from the UK

Another thing this discrimination leads to is geo-restrictions, which is your answer to streaming-related questions such as why you cannot stream HBO Max or Hulu in the UK. It’s because services like HBO Max and Hulu are only available in the US, and to access them from the UK, you’ll need a reliable VPN.

Netflix, for example, geo-blocks its content libraries based on where a show or movie originates. Geo-blocking is used to attract users to acquire more than one version of a Netflix collection, as seen in the British versus US Netflix contrast above.

A VPN for Netflix and other streaming services lets you connect to servers in other countries, allowing you to get more value for your money by encrypting your IP address and masking your true location.


The internet has drastically changed the way people perceive entertainment since the last decade. Gone are the days when you had to rent or buy piles upon piles of DVDs to quench your appetite for the film from the comfort of your home. Streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max have become synonymous with home entertainment in countries outside of the United States, too. According to Statista, in the second quarter of 2021, the UK remained Netflix’s third-leading market with around 13 million subscribers.

And yet, unfortunately, the majority of internet users in the United Kingdom remain unaware that the pricing presented to users of a country may vary based on where they are visiting the websites from. This implies that digital membership pricing plans of streaming services may differ depending on where you are in the world.

If you’re a thrifty person (which is nothing to be ashamed of, by the way), you’ll appreciate what a VPN could do for you by allowing you to enjoy better prices by directing your internet connection to a server that offers the same service at a lower cost.

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