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With the new year fast approaching, and Christmas on our doorstep now is a great time to try and get all your finances in order.

With the kids just starting school, I can’t manage everything in my head like I normally do, so I’ve been using some free money printables to help me keep control on my budget.

I know a lot of people use apps, and they’re great, but I’m old school, and like writing things down and having it pinned to my fridge for us to see.

So here are 15 free printables that will help you keep your money in check and help you save a few pounds forward Christmas, because, you know, every little bit helps and all that jazz.

7 Money Saving Tips to Make Staying at Home Possible for You

5 Ingredient Meal Planner

Before the kids, my cooking skills involved pressing the buttons on the microwave and burning toast.

Now, I cook for all four of us but hate feeding the floor. After a lot of Googling, I decided to just make my own 5 ingredient meal plan with simple meals for families like mine who want to eat on a budget.

1% At a Time Challenge

I love this saving challenge by Emma Drew.

How it works is this. You divide your goal by 100 and try to get one percent at a time. For example, if you wanted a holiday that cost £500, divided by 100 you need £5 one hundred times. It’s that simple!

No Spend Days Tracker

We have a lot of no spend days here, so this tracker by Cass at The Frugal Family is really useful to help you keep track of what you’ve saved.

1p Saving Challenge

The idea behind this challenge from Skint Dad is that you save an increasing amount per week for each week of the year. In week one you save £1, week two you save £2, three you save £3 until you’re saving £52 by the last week of the year.

15 free and creative printables that’ll help you get your money under control as a family by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums UK.

Spouse Weekly Planner

This is a great printable from The Dating Divas for all the family. Not only does it get you on the same page as your other half but helps you both to save money too. The date night planner is my personal favorite, as we always forget to plan one in each month.

Monthly Budget Review

If you’re looking to completely overhaul your finances, then this planner by Cass at The Frugal Family should be right up your street. It’s really simple and shows up what you’ve been spending each month.

Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

You all know I love meal planning, so this simple guide by Skint Dad is a great introduction to how how to start.

Child Maintenance Planner

This is a godsend from Lee at Homely Economics to any parent trying to apply and keep track of child maintenance money.

Special IOU

I love Christmas, but it seriously breaks me every year. This time, I’ve decided to give Special IOUs to my family members who don’t want anything now, but who may need something after Christmas.

You can still wrap these up and give a smaller gift on the big day until the sales come up.

Budget Printable Workbook

This is a brilliant and simple printable workbook from Lee at Homley Economics to help you budget throughout the month. Pick and choose what you need, and use it!

Money Making

If you have a set budget you need to make every much, then Emma Drew’s money making checklist is for you.

It’s clear, colourful and super helpful in trying to get you to your monthly goal.

How to Save £364 in Time for Christmas Shopping

Christmas Saving Challenge

With only a couple months till Christmas, I need to save hard. There’s not a lot of saving planners out there if you want to start half way through the year or any that will help you save a good amount of money by the 1st December.

This one is a 7-day challenge that gets you saving per days of the week and could help you save a massive £364!

Out of Debt Workbook

This binder from One Beautiful Home is a fab collection of payment trackers, budget check-ins, and irregular income reports.

52- Week Saving Challenge

If you plan to start the new year off as you mean to go on, then this saving challenge by Simplistically Living is great.

It lays it all out and gives you the option to tick off as you go.

Holiday Budget Worksheet

It may be September, but we’re already starting to think about next years holiday and how we can save.

We have the dreaded school holidays to now think about, so a summer holiday is now going to be that much more expensive.

That’s why I love this printable. It lays out what you expect to spend on your travels and what you actually spend

Do you prefer apps or paper copies? How do you keep in control of your budget? Let me know in the comments below.

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