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Cheap Tickets: 7 Tips for Grabbing a Bargain Online  

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Want to take the kids to the theatre or enjoy a gig or two without the price tag? Never pay the full amount for tickets again with this step-by-step guide. Securing cheaper tickets are as simple as a couple of clicks away!


What are you looking for?

Saving money on events is all down to knowing exactly what you want. Getting front seats at Frozen on Ice or VIP passes to see your favourite band doesn’t happen by chance. Find the benchmark price by looking around. Know their worth.

If it’s more of a date night you need, before or after baby, then there are a host of promotions around to suit all needs. Groupon,, and local sites will all do the trick.


No more booking fees

Getting tickets at face value isn’t easy. After promoter add-ons, booking fees, and printable extras, going out can cost a small fortune. Yet, there are ways of getting round these.

One way is to go to the venue direct if it’s close by.  The in-house box office won’t charge booking fees, but may still charge for credit cards, so have a debit card or cash on hand just in case.


Another way is by using the venue’s own website or booking line. There may be a small charge, but it will likely be cheaper or around the same price as an event management software agency.  Be aware though that some events are only sold via third party agencies.

Some of the bigger venues will only sell via the bigger agencies and use event registration software to help decrease touts. These sites do take a cut, though, hence the service and booking fee charges.


Check you’re getting the best price by comparing at least three other booking sites and make it to the last screen on all of them to make sure it will be the final price.


Ticket comparison sites are worth a look, but even though they say they will do all the legwork for you, sometimes fees are missed! Ticket resellers should be a no-go. However much you want to go, paying double the price for anything just isn’t worth it!!


Top Tip: If you can, and if the tickets or event is over a £100, then always pay on a credit card (remembering to pay it back in full of course.) Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act says that the credit card company are equality liable if a business goes bust.


Cost cutting ideas

Ever watched a live TV show? Check out Applause Store and Lost In TV, two great places to pick up audience tickets for free! All you pay for is your travel.

If your chosen event isn’t sold out, then why not try Ebay or Gumtree? Many fans sell their tickets close to the date because they now can’t go, and normally at rock bottom prices. Always read user reviews though and keep within eBay guidelines to stay safe.


Are you with O2? Then make sure you sign up for priority. They sale early to their own customers first, and send email alerts out to remind you the day before! Also, join the fan clubs! Loads of the big bands have them and offer those of their list offers and tickets first. Okay, so this won’t work if you want a theater ticket, but it does work if you want a hotel stay or a seat at a famous restaurant! It’s not who you know in this case but WHAT you know….

If you really are stuck for cash, then why not sign up to become a steward and get in free. Many ask you for a deposit to make sure you work your shift, but for just a small amount of time given, you could see the biggest bands or be at the biggest festivals for free.


For cheaper theater tickets, look for 50% off or 2for1 offers. It may take time, but it will worth its weight in gold when you find you’re paying less for better seats. Always check the face value. Newspapers and magazines often print deals which can be matched by the booking office and sometimes bettered, so don’t mention anything in till they say a price. This works with everything, from hotel stays to sports and gigs!

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Sharing is caring!


Saturday 4th of February 2017

Signing up to be a steward is a great idea! I might see if Jersey Live needs stewards this year