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The sun may still be shining, but Christmas is closer than you think! It’s never too late to start saving for the festive period; from just saving pennies to buying presents in advance.

Here are our top 7 tips to have you spread the cost and come out looking like a pro.

Buy Direct from China

Stores like Poundland may be driving down the costs, but it’s still cheaper to order direct and get it shipped over.

Last year, we brought a dolls house and seven bedroom accessories for the kids. Here, it would have cost us over £70, including the cheap people we found in discounters. In China, we brought it all for £16.

It does take a while, took ours about six weeks to arrive, but if you have the time, and the will to search eBay, you can find anything!

Give IOUs

If the family are looking for those big ticket items, like TVs and PlayStations, then giving an IOU for January, when items are cheaper will help.

Give the kids a wrapped up IOU, telling them that when January comes, they can cash in that IOU for what they want.

It gives you an extra month to save and with the potential saving, you could get them a smaller gift.

You can print out our IOU templetes here. They come in four different colours.

Perfection Isn’t Needed

We all want a perfect Christmas, but It never happens, however hard we try. Instead of asking “ What would make Christmas perfect?” ask yourself “What can I afford this year?” and go from there.

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The battle cry can be heard everywhere on the 23rd December. “We must buy the best” and don’t the supermarkets know it!

No one is going to care or know if you buy smart price potatoes or discounted wine, I mean, it all goes down the same way!

Could you buy gammon or chicken instead of turkey? Do you need a big bird, could you have a crown? Find out how many you’re cooking for and start to buy now. Items like mint sauce and ice cream won’t go off, but you’ll be hard pressed to get them at a good price come November.

Kids Aren’t Snobs

95% of my kid’s presents are from charity shops, Facebay or cost £1 reduced. They don’t care!

It’s normally the cheapest things that get played with anyway, like the wrapping, and the expensive stuff chucked to the side.

Track Santa as he delivers presents around the world. A great christmas Eve surprise for your little ones.

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Secret Santa

Instead of buying friends or extended family gifts, why not ask to do a secret Santa. They’ll be pleased because they don’t have to fork out of another junk present, and you only have to buy one of the seven cousins a gift.

Last year I was part of three. One with my close friends, our kids, and the extended family. It works.

Get Crafty

Grab the kids and rustle up some decorations, cards and wrapping paper yourself. Hand prints, stickers, drawing and stamps, anything goes.

We buy brown paper to decorate and wrap everyone’s gifts in. We also save all our past Christmas cards and cut them to make the following years labels.

All can be spruced up with ribbon if needed.

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