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Summer. The season of sun, sea, sand and err….. weddings apparently. Anyone else see that wedding invitation as a big fat invoice hanging over your head?

I’m all for celebrating love and what not, but if you’re part of the wedding party especially, then costs start ramping up quicker than the bride and groom can say “1 do.” 

So for those of you that are worried about the huge cost that comes do RSVPping this year, here are some simple ways to cut down but not seem like you don’t care.

Kid Commitments

The big one! Are they invited?

If the answer is no, then you could have an issue on your hands. Now, I’m all for couples enjoying their big day, but to me, weddings are a celebration of family, hence, kids.

If this isn’t how the couple sees it, then you need to get on to those family members stat.

An all day child-minder bill, over a weekend could cost you easily £120 a day, more if you go into the evening. Ouch!

Asking the bride if she’d mind the kids turning up for the evening reception? Or could they stay while you all had your hair done? The more time with you, less it will cost!

Avoid the Non-Wedding Related Stuff

You can see how costs can spiral when you chuck in the hen party, pre-wedding meals, the morning before breakfast and hotel for the special night.

If you’re feeling the pinch, then politely explain to the bride, and decline as many as friendly possible. Explaining that you really want to enjoy the day in question should put the bride or grooms feeling to rest that you do care, just really can’t afford to go to the pre-party.

Traveling to the Wedding in Question

How dare your best friend fall in love with someone from another part of the country? Or want a wedding in their swimming gear?

Now you have to show them that you support their union with holiday days, travel fare and hotel rooms.

Fine, that’s the pact you made when you were 9, right?

As soon as that confirmed date comes through, book your accommodation. The longer you wait, the more at risk you are of everyone else booking, and shooting that price right up.

Always compare prices, and haggle if you can. Will they throw in breakfast if a group of you book together? Can you check in early or stay later? Always ask, you never know.

Nab the Gift List Early

With four mouths to feed and a self-employed income, a gift list sends shivers down my spine.

Shop early to give yourself the pick of the list, and stick to your budget.

If you have a close group of friends, why not all go in together? Splitting the cost can work out cheaper for everyone involved, whilst allowing you to get an amazing gift.

For my wedding, our friends brought us a BBQ between them. It was exactly what we wanted but could never afford!

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Offer Your Skills as a Present

If a gift list really does give you hives, then why not ask if you could your time and skill as a gift?

If you bake, then offer to help with the wedding cake. If you make cards as a hobby, offer to design and make the invites, table placing’s, seating plan and thank you cards.

The list really is endless.

My husbands family are all very creative. One arranged our flowers, including mine and the bridesmaids. One did all our invites and table plan, and one came and helped in the morning to tie all the bows on the chairs for the ceremony. As they say, every little helped!

Recycle an Outfit

We all love buying a new dress and hat, but do you really need one?

Freshen up an oldie with new shoes or some cheap accessories.

Lets be honest here, no one is going to notice you, as all eyes (hopefully) will be on the stunning bride.

The same goes for the kid’s clothes too. If they’ve only got one stunning dress or suit, use it. Just buy a new tie or a new pair of white or black shoes to liven it back up.

Be Your Own Stylist

If you’re in the wedding party or not, it’s very tempting to splash out on a cut ‘n’ colour and a pedicure. I mean, it’s not every day you have your photo taken is it?

So do it, but yourself, at home.

Ditch the professional spray tans for home ones. Just give a few a try first, and pick your favorite. The Poundshop and Aldi both sell it for a fraction of the cost.

Check out YouTube for makeup and hair tutorials. Stop and start them at will, to get the look you really want.

Yep, it all takes a little time, but can all still be done in front of the telly or between your trip up and down the stairs to get the kids to sleep.

Save, Save, Save.

While it is a real honor to be invited to a wedding, you can see how easily it can spin out of control money-wise.

If you have a years notice, then skimming your account is a great way to save without sacrificing your normal lifestyle or try some of our money making tips here, and let us know how you get on.

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